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Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's Bio

I've been a writer all my life, learning to read at age 3, writing for school papers since I was 10 and was the only student in the history of my high school of 1,500 to hold the position of yearbook and newspaper editor simultaneously. And Ralph Waldo Emerson is my uncle (that has nothing to do with anything, but boy do I love to throw that in whenever I can!)

Yes, writing has always been pretty effortless for me. So I chose to fight it. Why should life be easy if it doesn't have to be, right? I decided I wanted to be an actress. To satisfy my parents, I got a degree in journalism. I wrote regularly for the school paper, radio station and yearbook...while I studied acting every chance I got. As soon as I graduated from one of the best J schools in the country (at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) I high-tailed it to Los Angeles. I drove across the country with my cat, my futon and $300 ready to be discovered.

I did a lot of theatre, a lot of cable and no porn. My claim to fame was producing and starring in an off-Hollywood production of Vanities, being on Baywatch for a summer and in several Billy Blanks' Tae Bo videos. I think I came out ahead of the game. I wasn't exactly cut out for facing the business of acting (really can't say anything nice about it but doing the work is very fulfilling. I'm not getting out clean though - my youngest son, Chase has acting inclinations; and he's much better than I ever was).

But I wouldn't trade in the education I got from acting about expressing myself and communication for anything. Dissecting a story and human psychology have served me well as a copywriter. In fact, oddly enough, it seems everything I've learned in school, and in the real world, have brought me here today with my writing expertise.

See even though I'm a trained journalist and a freelance writer, it wasn't until 1999 that I had even tried doing the kind of writing I'm now known for – copywriting. Long story I'll add in here later. But basically, clients kept coming to me for their copywriting because my marketing campaigns were consistently successful. I have to admit, at the time it was dumb luck. Yeah I could write, but copywriting is different. And I desperately wanted to learn it. So I surrounded myself with works of the masters, with recordings of experts, went to seminars. In other words I inundated myself with everything I could about copywriting until I started to understand the format, the cadence of it.

Right away I loved the edgy, conversational language. The winding persuasive arguments. Working with human psychology. I've done my homework now by studying and emulating the master copywriters. The tone of my copy is conversational and relationship-building. “It's almost like she's talking you through it,” said one client. “Lorrie keeps your attention from the first word to the last.” From my past reporter days, I love to deeply research my clients' industries, trends and competition. In fact many people have no idea how much work goes into copywriting BEFORE YOU EVER WRITE A SINGLE WORD!

Bi-weekly I distribute a highly acclaimed newsletter called “Copywriting TNT - Tips N Tactics” and have written a book for copywriters and entrepreneurs alike called, “Red Hot Copy to Woo Your Target Market”. Watch for my copywriting teleclasses - announced in my ezine. (Are you signed up yet? If not, sign up at the top of this page!)

A Tae Bo and fitness enthusiast, I live in sunny Los Angeles with my second (and last) husband, two sons (Justin and Chase Morgan) and the coolest dog ever (Shadow). Want more useless information? I'm Irish, Scottish, English and Blackfoot Indian. I've been certified to scuba dive since I was 15 and used to think nothing of swimming with sharks, barracuda or diving on wrecks in the Atlantic Ocean. But I'm terrified to ever skydive. I'll probably have to do it someday just because I'm so fearful of it. I speak conversational Spanish and would love to be fluent again. I've been to Africa and witnessed breathtaking sunsets, cried at the concentration camps in Germany and have a passion to return to Italy, the most beautiful country in the world with beautiful men dressed in Armani for no reason!

Partial List of Clients / Experience

  • Loral Langemeier
  • Dr. Pete Fernandez
  • Dr. Michael Woo-Ming
  • Marty Foley
  • John DuCane
  • Shawn Phillips
  • Kim Castle, Brand U
  • Les Brown
  • John Childers
  • Equity Marketing
  • CIGNA Healthcare
  • 101 Communications
  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Tom Antion
  • Alexandria Brown, "The E-zine Queen"
  • Why Communications
  • NEW Entrepreneurs
  • Lunchbox Daily Specials
  • KDM Cleaning
  • Joel Christopher
  • Cleaning Out the Closet of your Mind
  • Plus many more...

What Others Say About Red Hot Copy

John DuCane

I Recommend Lorrie Without Reservation

“As the owner of a multi-million dollar a year direct response publishing company, I take exceptional care in who I hire to write copy for our promotions.

One of the very few copywriters I trusted to write winning sales copy for Dragon Door Publications is Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero. I'm delighted with the work she had done for us, would hire her again and recommend her services without reservation.”

John DuCane
Tom Antion

Lorrie Gets the Job Done

“I'm the kind of guy who likes to spend my time making money. That means I don't have time to do everything else. So I have to hand projects off to people I trust. Lorrie understands my style and she gets the job done. The only bad thing about recommending her is that she'll be too busy to work for me because I know you'll love her.”

Tom Antion
Internet Marketing Guru
Kim Castle

Your Words Effortlessly Motivated Me to Action

“I'm all tingly! I just read the copy you wrote for my new BrandU seminar for Why Communications. You got me so excited, I was ready to give you my credit card and it's MY seminar!

I'm very impressed with how your words effortlessly motivated me into action. As a branding expert, I understand how powerful copy must be and you definitely know what you're doing. I'll be sending lots of clients your way!”

Kim Castle
Co-Creator, BrandU

If You Want Results and You Want Them Now...

“I consider it a great privilege to give a testimonial for Lorrie Morgan. She has written copy for us and it has always been excellent copy and more importantly she gets it done when she says she's going to have it done.

If you want your results, and you want them now, you call Lorrie Morgan with my recommendation.”

John Childers
Alex Mandossian

The Best of the Best Hire Lorrie

“...Being a copywriter online and offline, when I see a colleague making huge headway in a certain direction, I have to acknowledge it.

And Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is doing just that!

Don't look at what she writes or how she writes, look at who she writes FOR if you want to judge how good she is - Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, John Childers, Tom Antion - some of the highest profile public speakers on the scene today!”

Alex Mandossian
Marty Foley

Copywriting is Critical to Online Success

“I wish I had appreciated the critical importance of copywriting much earlier on in my online business.

Don't make the same mistake I did, of not giving this a higher priority. Whether you write your ad copy yourself, or hire it out to a professional copywriter like Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, of, you simply can't afford to neglect this area if you really want to succeed.”

Marty Foley
Scott Stratten

4.9% Conversion Rate

“Just wanted to give you a few thoughts on the copy you wrote for me just a few weeks ago. I never really knew what the term "Red Hot Copy" meant until you changed over my copy from simple text to a sales pulling machine. But it's not Red Hot Copy to me, it's SMOKIN' Red Hot Copy to me. I was going to be happy with a 2% conversion on the sale letter you did for me, but it came out to 4.9%. Ecstatic is not the word - I can't explain it. Thanks so much - I look forward to working with you down the road more.”

Scott Stratten