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Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

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Michael Port

$7,674 in 72 hours

I’d like to credit Lorrie with helping me earn $7,674 in 72 hours. And tens of thousands of dollars since then using copywriting techniques she taught me. You know how sometimes you learn something you didn’t even know you needed to know? That’s what learning copywriting from Lorrie is like. I work with independent professionals and entrepreneurs everyday and I’d say the single biggest reason their incomes aren’t higher is bad copy.”

Michael Port
Marketing Guru

Past Events (2007-2003)

  • National Speakers Association Chapter Meeting - Denver
  • Alexandria Brown's Online Blueprint Success Workshop November 2006
  • Alexandria Brown's Online Blueprint Success Workshop February 2006
  • Alexandria Brown's Online Blueprint Success Workshop August 2005
  • Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's Speed Copywriting Workshop April 2006
  • Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's Speed Copywriting Workshop September 2006
  • Mega Seminar - Denver, Colorado
  • NAWBO National Convention - Orlando, Florida
  • Shared Vision Network - Los Angeles
  • Shared Vision Network - Del Mar, California
  • Small Biz Marketing Summit - Irvine, California
  • Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book University
  • Shared Vision Network - Las Vegas
  • Bunnyslipper Boot Camp 2005
  • Shared Vision Network - Phoenix
  • Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Speaking Empire
  • The Next Level Summit
  • Women’s Business Empowerment Summit
  • Small Biz Marketing Summit
  • Les Brown’s Premiere Speakers Summit
  • International Virtual Assistant Association Conference

Radio and Interviews

  • Mark Victor Hansen’s and Robert Allen’s Enlightened Millionaire Institute
  • Mom’s Town Talk Radio
  • The Mary Goulet Show
  • Bob Sommers’ Recognized Expert Show
  • Alan Rothman’s Business of Success Show
  • Mike Lamb’s Money Room Show
  • Mike Woo-Ming’s Infoproduct Insider Show
  • Suzanne Mulvehill’s The Entrepreneur Hour Show
  • Internet Based Moms Show
  • Loral Langemeier’s Wealth Diva
  • Jason Cox’s Joint Venture Series
  • Marty Foley’s Traffic Conversion Series
  • Teleseminar with Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound
  • Teleseminar with Alexandria Brown, The Ezine Queen
  • Teleseminar with Kelly O’Neil
  • Teleseminar with Paulette Ensign
  • Founder/Head Professor of Online Copy Campus School
  • John Childers’ Wealth Training Academy (commissioned 8 week training)

Free Copywriting Tips

5 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Copywriting

  1. Attention-grabbing headline. We’ve become a society that demands immediate gratification or our interest is lost.  Don’t capture attention in the first few seconds and they’re gone forever.

  2. Conversational tone.  Think of a friend in your mind and write as if you’re talking to that person.

  3. Build a relationship.  Give them good info.  Inspire trust.  Don’t just look for a sale.  Establish loyalty so they keep coming back.

  4. Testimonials.  Nothing is more personal than how you’ve helped others.  Get your clients to write about what results they got because of you.

  5. Read copy aloud 3 times.  Spell check may have worked, but that doesn’t mean you might not have forgotten to add a word.  Or revised a sentence and forgot to take out all the old parts so it no longer makes sense.

All About Headlines

Headlines are the single most-read piece of copy. If you plan to spend extra time anywhere on your writing, spend it writing headlines. My trick is to write a minimum of 50-100 headlines for every piece of copy I craft. My suggestion for you is to write as many as you can possibly make yourself do. They truly get better as you go!

  • For a fast education, visit Jay Abraham's free site on headlines here.
  • If you're serious about making money with your business, you need "Great Headlines INSTANTLY" by Robert Boduch. I have this book within reach at all times when I'm writing copy.
  • Just released! "Red Hot Headline Creator" software!

"Deconstructing a Sales Letter"

Eavesdrop as Jerry Yeo interviews me all the way from Singapore on the "hows" and "whys" of my very first sales letter in 1999.

Click here for the audio of "Deconstructing a Sales Letter"
(Note this is in Streaming Audio and will play directly from your computer. You must have the free software, Real Player.) Wanna read along? Grab the PDF here. A swipe of the sales letter is in the Appendix.

How to Pick a Shopping Cart

Free E-Book by my original mentor Tom Antion includes information on:

  • Autoresponders
  • Database Management
  • Mail Merge Capability
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Ad Tracking
  • Secure Servers
  • Building Your Store, and More!

Click here for your complimentary e-book.

Teleclasses and Events

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Diary of a Mad Blogger

Want to know how a copywriter thinks? Please pull up a chair and visit my blog. Or if you’re really adventurous, check out my irreverent marketing blog for Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Fun and Games

Fowl Words 2

Fowl Words
This is a fun, fun, fun word game.
It's also pretty addictive. Enjoy!

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