Red Hot Testimonials

My Copywriting is Going to Improve Dramatically

I wanted to improve my copy to do my own self promotion. I expect the workshop to be really hard and require me to think alot, but Lorrie made it fun and easy.

I've been searching for a step-by-step copywriting formula and I finally found it. I'm sure my copy writing is going to improve dramatically. I'll be on fire!

Elizabeth Ruiz

I Never Knew How Simple It Could Be

I really loved taking your copywriting course today. It was just awesome for me. I have many years of business experience. I was a trial attorney before. Now I hold spiritual transformation seminars.

I've done a lot of writing, but I've never known until today how simple it can be. You made it so clear, so specific. You let me know that I can write just by how I talk and that's how I connect with people. That was just so awesome and made it so easy. Thank you very much!

Esperanza Universal

Now I Know HOW to Do It

I was so pleased that I was here today. I was hesitating coming because time is of the essence.

I want to thank you Lorrie. You reconnected me to why I did The Daring website and reconnected me to my story. I have to put that on the website. It really needs to shine through.

You've given me a model by which to write copy. Now I've got something invaluable that I'm going to take forward. I've got work to do, but now I know how to do it. Thank you!

Francine Allaire

Now I've Got the Details on How to Write Copy Step by Step

I came to this because I've been stuck the last two years and I want to get kick started. This is going to give me the kick start I need to really get our website going.

This copywriting blueprint has given me the big picture of what we really need to do in our company as well as the details how to write copy step by step. It is a great program and we are really happy to be involved with Lorrie.

Kevin Humphreys
Success Design International

Beyond My Expectations

I wasn't sure about coming. I knew that I needed to know this information, but I wasn't sure what I would get out of it because I work in a spiritual area and so I didn't know if this would translate.

It was fabulous. I got more than I thought I would. In fact, I signed up for other things. I know that all the things we learned today will be very very useful to me. I was thrilled to pieces with everything. Thank you!

Liana Carbón

Highly Recommended

I'm really delighted with your workshop today. I'm a creative writer and have written books, but I've been terrified of writing copy.

Lorrie has made this a very simple process and fun. Also the authenticity of the work makes me feel like I can do this shamelessly.

I would just encourage this class for anybody who wants to extend their abilites as a writer in the marketplace.

Lisa Powers
Get Your Message Out

I Thought I Knew It All

I've been in business for many years helping hundreds of entrepreneurs do their planning and gain access to the resources they need to become successful. I have information products and have written many sales letters. I was a little hesitant coming to Lorrie's program because I thought I knew it all. I've been doing this for many years, but I decided to attend the one-day workshop and I was really impressed.

Not only did I get inspiration and fresh ideas, but I was able to work on my copy right there during the workshop and interact with experts. I think it has really taken me to another level.

I highly recommend the program even if you've had products and services out there and you've been writing your own copy for a long time, just do it. It is worth it. Just the one day was just phenominal.

Maria Simone

I Learned Hands-On What to Do and How to Do It

I have learned a lot at Lorrie's copywriting workshop. I was particularly impressed that I didn't get a lot of hype. This was a really refreshing workshop where I learned hands-on what to do, how to do it, and we had a chance to work on our copy and headlines right there.

Lorrie knows what she is talking about and she delivers it in a very helpful way that is fun to work with. I highly recommend it.

Patsi Krakoff

Demystified Copywriting

I got so much out of this workshop. Just in one day I feel like you really demystified copywriting and broke it down into digestable little chunks.

You made it really simple to put all the pieces together. I'm really excited about using those ideas and doing my future copy. Thank you!

Terry Hoover
Soulful Self-Employment