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“Finally, You Can Master THE World’s Most Valuable Skill, Pump Up Your Profits, And Put Your Business On The MapWith MY Personal Help

Now you don't have to be a professional copywriter to get copy that looks like a PROFESSIONAL wrote it! I'm here to show you how, PERSONALLY!


From: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Monday, 3:48 PM

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Frustrated your business is STILL not reaching the levels of success you know it should be? Don't worry...It happens to all of us. We start out with a dream of making a difference…wanting the freedom to come and go as we please…and, of course, a business that regularly cranks out obscene (but legal) amounts of cash. J

Bring in the bank with killer copy!

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero,
Copywriting Educator Extraordinaire

Instead we often end up overworked, overwhelmed, and under-staffed. Something is MISSING in the matrix.

In fact, becoming an entrepreneur can be the hardest job we ever bought ourselves. Unless we understand this one critical principle…

We Are ALL in the Marketing Business…And the DNA of Marketing Is KILLER COPY!

That’s right. If you don’t have strong copy it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is. No one will ever know because they won’t go one step further in the sales process. They will simply click away forever in a split second (possibly to do business with a competitor).

The good news is…when your copy is properly plugged into the RIGHT marketing roadmap, a chain reaction happens. Your business grows with the velocity of a solar flare. It’s so fast and dependable, it’s practically on autopilot. Know why?

  • Copy never sleeps. It represents YOUR business to tons of potential new clients, even when you’re not there.
  • Copy makes you stand out. It puts you in the driver’s seat as the expert in your field.
  • Copy doesn’t spoil. Killer copy can be used over and over again in different promotions to massacre the competition.  (That means more money into your coffers instead of theirs).
  • Copy is the center of EVERY marketing campaign. Without copy to breathe life into your product or service, sales don’t happen. Period.
  • Copy is the underestimated secret weapon. It’s the single most reliable way to guarantee that you are the obvious choice over your competitors - every time.

In fact, you DON’T HAVE to be a professional copywriter! You heard me…

You don’t even have to be a great writer to write great copy.

Best of all…

Writing Copy is Like Having a License to Print Your Own Money!!!

But whether you’re a professional copywriter or an entrepreneur ready to leap to the next level in business, where do you get access to good copy? I’ll share that with you in just a minute. But first I want to give you a little bit of background…

My name is Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero and I have to be honest. I wondered where you get access to good copywriting training myself in 1999 when I first decided I really had to stay home and raise my two sons as a single mom. I would have done anything to be a quick success as a copywriter. But there weren’t any step-by-step systems out there that I could find in 1999.

So I did it the old-fashioned way. I studied up by immersing myself in all things copywriting – read books by the masters, attended events, got to know the best of the best in the business. And very quickly my skill level went from novice to pretty darn good. That’s because the learning curve for writing copy is very short.

When I was finally able to ask the “gurus” face-to-face about their copywriting systems, I was repeatedly shocked by their answer. It was the same for ALL of them.

No Other High-Level Copywriter Had a REPLICATABLE COPYWRITING SYSTEM!!!

They recognized that there IS a formula…just not one they could actually teach to anyone else.

What the #@!!? I couldn’t believe it, but it was true.

Oh they could write. And they could tell you sort of how they did pieces of it. But nobody could share a complete formula for writing copy (in particular a sales letter) from A to Z.

Well because one of my passions is to help others master the skill of copywriting after what I went through, I made it my mission to painstakingly break down the process for professional copywriters and entrepreneurs alike.

But I didn’t settle on simply writing out the roadmap…

I also wanted to share invaluable techniques to cranking out really GOOD COPY very quickly. Sometimes people can be perfectionists, you know? They labor over getting it just right before they put their copy out there for the world to see.

And the longer it takes to get your copy out there, the more money you are LOSING.

Now, whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional copywriter…

I Want to Mentor You to Be a

Copywriting shouldn’t be intimidating! But without the right teacher, copywriting can be a HUGE CONCEPT to absorb.

It doesn’t have to be…

See I have a passion (some say “a knack”) for showing people how uncomplicated this process really can be (I know you can do it too if you just follow my footsteps. It’s very easy.)

Copywriting is much more like talking face to face with a friend. It builds a relationship with the reader. It grows loyalty and trust. And it’s okay to break the English language rules! If you can talk, you can write good copy!

Introducing the Most Complete, Most Robust, Most Easy-To-Follow Copywriting System in the WORLD!

“The Speed Copywriting Teleseminar Course”

Yes, I have offered this course as a product before, but something was missing...and that something was ME! I've taken this incredibly POWERHOUSE of a course and turned it into a follow-along teleseminar.

That's right! Just like the live workshop (only without the travel and expenses) I'll be at your beck and call for professional support because you and I will be on the phone on these 8 dates:

  • February 4, Monday Lecture

  • February 8, Friday Q&A

  • February 11, Monday Lecture

  • February 15, Friday Q&A

  • February 18, Monday Lecture

  • February 22, Friday Q&A

  • March 3, Monday Lecture

  • March 7, Friday Q&A

All calls are at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern and will last between 60-90 minutes.

 You couldn't fail if you TRIED!

This power-packed product has already helped hundreds increase their revenues and tighten up their copywriting skills in a live event format. We took the raw materials from four days of intense hands-on training, and tirelessly edited them into the equivalent of a college crash course…complete with professor!

In 8 fun classes with me by your side, you can learn…

  • How to write using a formula that is effortless and easy (I confess. I follow a specific blueprint that has gotten my copy in the limelight in a relatively short period of time and I’m going to hand it all over to YOU);
  • How beginners are able to compete with experts on a level playing field right away (when you have the right tools at your fingertips, it’s idiot-proof);
  • How one small change to your sales letter can send your shopping cart into overdrive with new orders (better be sure you have called your merchant account before you launch your copy because you’re about to get a SPIKE in sales - it just happened to me again in April);
  • How follow-up and extreme customer service will cause your competitors to drop off the planet (I will show you how I systematically manage my customers, step-by-step);
  • How to get a repeatable result when you follow my method for writing a sales letter (I boiled the volumes of information overkill on this topic into the best of the best techniques you can apply right away);
  • The truth behind what makes your copy “okay” versus what makes it sell like hotcakes to your target market (you may be shocked by some of the ugly secrets I’m giving up. I’ve seen it all, and I’m telling!);
  • To instantly diagnose mistakes with your copy so that it works harder for you immediately and translates to dollars (I’ll share my personal check list with you);
  • How to improve your writing speed no matter how difficult it was for you before (allow me to share some easy peasy ways to banish writer’s block and dramatically improve your sales)
  • The 3 crucial rules of sales you  must know before you can ever understand WHY someone buys (and why they DON'T);
  • What background materials you need before you begin to write (or else you’re simply wasting your time);
  • The hush hush resources you can use to learn more about your target market to practically read their minds (these tactics work so well I wonder if they should even be legal);
  • How to scientifically profile your audience using the same methods deep pocket corporations spend millions on (again, I’m surrendering my closely-guarded checklist);
  • Where to go to spy on your competition and why you MUST not ignore this step (or you'll soon be squashed like a bug in your market);
  • How to get your copy to sound natural and conversational (so you build loyalty and trust over time, making you the first person they think of when it's time to spend money);
  • Ways to get your prospect to sing like a canary about what she is dying to spend her money on (all you do is ask at the right strategic time);
  • My secret to turning phrases into benefit-driven statements that attract attention (we all buy based on how we believe a product will make us FEEL);
  • How to dig up the right keywords and phrases your target audience thinks of when looking for your product or service (climb into their heads – climb into their wallets);
  • Why you don't need to be a writer to write great headlines;
  • Learn which kinds of words stand out in headlines (and which to avoid at all costs);
  • Let me show you the fastest way to uncover headlines that convert window shoppers into buyers (the headline is arguably the most critical piece of all the copy);
  • Swipe all 10 of my busy-person templates for no-brainer headlines that get them reading (why reinvent the wheel when it’s been done for you already?);
  • Which fonts and colors are the most compelling to use (and which ones repel the reader);
  • Learn the fastest and easiest way to split test headlines. (No more guessing which headline is better);
  • The little insider secret that will have you writing captivating headlines in no time! (I’ll show you exactly how on the DVD);
  • What should RARELY be above your headline (yet most novices do it anyway);
  • The method of chunking your copy into manageable sections (so it gets out to the world much faster);
  • The Number One Rule of Copywriting you must never underestimate!
  • How "blind bullets" pack an extra wallop, create curiosity and entice them to buy, making your copy sell like never before;
  • How making the right choices of punctuation and formatting will dramatically impact your copy (Dan Kennedy says 25% of your copy’s success depends on formatting…and I agree);
  • Ways to get your target market to trust you without stooping to hype and exaggeration (blow the trust factor and they are gone forever);
  • The use of psychological hot buttons and mental gymnastics that hypnotize your reader into buying;
  • When to NEVER ask for the order (yet clients with less marketing savvy will insist on);
  • Which instances short copy actually outperforms longer copy (yes, those times do exist);
  • How to get the maximum (ethical) price for whatever it is you are selling;
  •  And soooooo much more!

As you can see, this course covers a TON of information. Most importantly, you get access to real-world copywriting strategies you can use whenever you need to instantly pump up your income super fast. And now I will be there on the phone with you to answer PERSONAL questions about YOUR BUSINESS!

In particular you’ll master the kingpin of all copy – the sales letter- as well as the strategic web of copy that supports it including:

  • order forms
  • autoresponders
  • confirmation letters
  • landing page
  • copystick letters

The “Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course” connects the dots for you and gives you the step-by-step layout of how to plug these pieces of copy together for maximum profitability.

In fact, the “Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course” is different (and more effective) than ANY OTHER COPYWRITING COURSE you’ve ever seen!

Don't take my word for it. Listen to what these satisfied attendees experienced firsthand!

The "Horse Whisperer" for Business SPEAKS!

Kendall SummerHawk,

"Creativity Expert" Shares Her Experience...

Nancy Marmolejo,

"Beauty Salon Savior" Shares

Andrew Finkelstein,

"Speak Your Business" Pro Speaks...

Ann Convery

"But I Don't Want to Write My Own Copy"

I do hear this from time to time and here is my answer to that, "It's ok not to write your copy." After all, many copywriters are happy you prefer not to write it yourself. But if you DON’T write your own copy then it stands to reason you will be paying someone else to write it for you. How will you know if it's any good? You need to have an understanding of what good copy versus bad copy look like.

I've seen people spend thousands of dollars on copy, not get the results they expected. Suddenly they are in a panic, questioning their pricing, their product, their AdWords campaign, their website and a whole host of other things, never realizing the problem was in the copy all along!

Another option is to consider investing in “The Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course” for your assistant! In a very short period of time, you’ll have your own staff copywriter!

Still not convinced this is for you and decided you’re just going to go ahead and hire your own copywriter? A lot of people choose this route and it’s a very valid solution. But if I may play Devil’s Advocate for a moment…

You SHOULD hire a copywriter IF:

        You have an extra $5,000-$25,000 lying around. Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill to outsource;

         This is the last sales letter you ever plan to write. You won’t need to replicate this skill if you never plan to do it again;

        You never plan to make future changes to your business. You’ll need to shell out more cash whenever you need an update;

Otherwise this copywriting education product is a cheap investment in a lifelong skill you will always need. Whether you write copy YOURSELF, pass it off to a member of your staff, or hire a copywriter, at the end of the day YOU as the business owner are the person responsible for the copy doing its job.

“The Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course” teaches you more than how to write powerful copy. It teaches you what makes copy PERSUASIVE and COMPELLING. Best of all it shows you how to make your copy CONVERT to sales. And isn't that what you're in business for anyway?

Investing in the “The Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course” can not only MAKE you tens of thousands of dollars, it can SAVE you tens of thousands of dollars!

Because I’m Dedicated to Showing You As Many Ways to Use Copy to Make Money As Possible, I Invited Some of My Friends Along...

Not only do you get the edited DVDs and CDs of the copywriting training event, but you also get these special guests to teach you their tricks!

Perry Marshall, the Google AdWords Guru, "What I've Learned About Internet Copywriting From Years Of Testing And Coaching Hundreds Of Adwords Students, That You Don't Find In The Copywriting Books"

Michael Port, best-selling author of Book Yourself Solid, “Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle”

Wendi Friesen, the Master Marketer behind, Hypnotic Marketing–Get Your Readers Hooked On You!: Hypnotic Secrets of Writing Great Copy That Will Grab ‘Em Where They Live”

Mitch Carson, the Direct Mail Expert, “How to Use Promotional Items Better than Your Competition and Create a Lasting Impression that Leads to Sales Every Time”

James Roche, the InfoProduct Guy, “Info Products Made Easy: How to Generate More Money and Get More Clients Leveraging Information Already in Your Head!”

And ANOTHER Reclusive Friend Joins In to Lead a Full Day of

One of long-time copywriting idols (and my very first *in person* copywriting mentor) actually agreed to fly his cookies down to Los Angeles to do a live one day event the day before my own Speed Copywriting live event. And he hates flying!

He let us record him delivering his high-powered famous Hot Seats. Those recordings have never been for sale before. And they still aren’t! They are my gift to you when you invest in yourself with the “Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course.”

In his “Kick @ss Copywriting Crash Course,” John shows you what works in copy, and what doesn’t through his famous Hot Seats. I’m sure you’ve heard of Hot Seats before, but John actually co-invented the original Hot Seat with the late Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham 15 years ago, and perfected it over the course of giving over thousands of them over time.  Other guru’s offer their own watered-down version of Hot Seats… but often miss the point:  This is often uncomfortable learning, because being “nice” about critiques never helped anyone when money was on the line.  Your biz is on the line here – and John pulls no punches.

See, I learned from John that the best marketers are vicious brutes when it comes to critiquing their OWN copy. So they seek out the hard-core experts when they need to Hot Seat themselves – to become successful, you MUST get out of your comfort zone, confront the truth (no matter how shocking) of your situation and your marketing efforts… and be willing to go through the transformation that happens when you are handed the breakthrough ideas and roadmaps to success that ONLY an experienced, tested and proven expert like John provides.

If you pay close attention and follow his lead, you can start using his techniques to create successful ads too.

This event was $997 to attend, but the DVD set is YOURS with your investment in the “Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course.”

But Wait, There’s More!!!

I want to make this a no-brainer for you in every way, so I looked around to see what else I could give you to help you decide. And I found the perfect bribe…uh, I mean, bonus! J

The Discs o’ Destruction! This is a compilation of several products Red Hot Copy owns but doesn’t really market. In other words, we ain’t selling most of them on our site.

My husband, John (Mr. Red Hot Copy) saw an opportunity to help our supporters by compiling this rocking information together for YOU! There are two software packages (they only work on PCs though – sorry MAC users) plus a bevy of some of the best materials for every marketer’s library.

Weighing in at $197 value, the Discs O’ Destruction include:

 “Red Hot Headline Creator” Software
Busts you out of writer’s block!

 “Red Hot Sales Letter Creator” Software
This software walks you through the process of writing your sales copy step-by-step.

o  Your Marketing Library Essentials
"Think and Grow Rich”, “Scientific Advertising”,“50 Things for Success”, “Great Headlines Instantly”, “Headline Examples”, “Best Headline Words”, “Autoresponder Magic”, “How to Create E-Covers"

Like I said, you can’t buy these anywhere (except for the headline software). But they are yours free when you invest in the “Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course.”

Let’s Break This Down…

Yup, not only are you going to be able to instantly create some kick butt copy you can use in your business out of the gate, but you also get these goodies...

You get ME! I'll be available to coach you AND answer specific questions about your BUSINESS COPY. There are 8 coaching calls to hold your feet to the fire and make sure you work this program! You could do it without me, but you don't have to!

All calls are at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern and will last between 60-90 minutes.

February 4, Monday Lecture

February 8, Friday Q&A

February 11, Monday Lecture

February 15, Friday Q&A

February 18, Monday Lecture

February 22, Friday Q&A

March 3, Monday Lecture

March 7, Friday Q&A

Laminated Checklists: You get the exact same checklists I use in my office to turn out winning copy. Don’t worry about missing a step – it’s all right there for you. (Told you I’m not holding anything back. I have no reason to – I am DEDICATED to your success.)

In Depth Target Market Questionnaire: Don't GUESS about what to ask yourself about your business, now and for FUTURE COPY. KNOW exactly what information you need to gather before you start writing a single word of copy. This document can save you from wasting hours of your valuable time. ($47 value)

Swipe Files from Top Copywriters: One of the secrets to writing copy FAST is having great copy by other writers at your fingertips for inspiration. Allow me to start a world class swipe file for you populated with copy PROVEN to get results. 

Bonus #1

John Carlton's "Kick @ss Copywriting Crash Course" ($997 value)

Sit ringside as they get fried on John's famous HOT SEATS. This edited 4 CD set is chock full of tidbits you just don’t read about in a dry copywriting book.

Bonus #2

Discs O’ Destruction ($197 value)

         “Red Hot Headline Creator” Software

         “Red Hot Sales Letter Creator” Software

         Your Marketing Library Essentials

Speed Copywriting Workshop Private Forum Access

Bonus #3

Private access to Red Hot Roundtable Forum SPECIALLY CREATED for the
Speed Copywriting Workshop Course Participants. (This is separate from all other
Red Hot Forums.)

Free Publicity for your OWN Business

Bonus #4

FREE PUBLICITY! If your business is authentic and in integrity,
Lorrie will list it with a link to your website as a recommended

Bonus #5

Proprietary Laminated Speed
Copywriting Blueprint




Bonus #6

Red Hot Chicken Timer!!!

The Red Hot Chicken has quickly become legendary in the copywriting world. It's just one more critical piece to writing copy FAST! You can't get this anyplace else!

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“I’m Convinced, Lorrie! How Much?”

Of course I’m not going to try and downplay the cost. This course is an INVESTMENT that can truly change your life to the tune of thousands, even millions of found income.

Because of the level of training and potential earning power you get from in this dynamic product I could easily ask for $10,000.00 without hesitation. What is contained in this super-sized package is equivalent to learning a trade that will reward you for a lifetime! Imagine, anytime you want to add money to your bank account, you simply write some copy. It really is THAT simple!

But I wanted as many people as possible to get their hands on this material. Normally the product portion ALONE (without the teleseminar coaching) sells all day long for $1997. But I've actually REDUCED the price while adding much more value! Check out the two options below...


Speed Copywriting Private Group Coaching ($6,000 value)

Beginning at the beginning of February, Lorrie will personally walk you through her advanced proprietary Speed Copywriting system. You’ll meet twice a week via telephone, on the following dates to give you plenty of time to live your life AND create your copywriting masterpiece. Here’s how it breaks down – on Mondays at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern, Lorrie walks you through a crucial section of the home study kit, bringing it to life and adding new insights. On Fridays at the same time of that same week, Lorrie discusses assignments, takes questions, and gives advice on YOUR copy. There has never been such high-touch access to Lorrie in any of her previous programs. The 2008 dates are: 

Monday, February 4          Friday, February 8

Monday, February 11        Friday, February 15

Monday, February 18         Friday, February 22

Monday, March 3               Friday, March 7

Speed Copywriting Home Study Kit ($1,997 value)

This accelerated learning system is not only incredibly effective, but also FUN!!! Lorrie has put together insider tactics and exercises of her own, as well as other successful marketing gurus, so boosting your sales is a slam dunk…for life! Includes:

  • Speed Copywriting Binder - your roadmap to navigating the Workshop experience (105 page book with dividers – hard copy/electronic)

  • 12 DVDs of powerful instruction featuring marketing superstars Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Perry Marshall, Wendi Friesen, Mitch Carson, James Roche, and Michael Port

  • 15 CDs of Step-by-Step Instruction (it’s almost as if you were there)

  • 5 Laminated Checklists  including:

o         The Sales Copy Wheel

o         Company Research Checklist

o         Copy Critique Checklist

o         Speed Copywriting Diagram

o         Motivational Words PROVEN to Get Results

  • Plus Extra 4 DVDs of the John Carlton Add On Event, “Kick @ss Copywriting Crash Course” featuring his famous Hot Seats. Watch as John critiques and reworks copy in front of your eyes.


“Discs ‘O Destruction ($197 value)

o    "Red Hot Headline Creator” Software
Answer 4 simple questions about your business and in seconds this innovative software spits out dozens of winning headlines sure to capture the attention of your audience. Also comes with a list of emotional triggers, hypnotic words and a list of the greatest headlines ever written. Busts you out of writer’s block!

o         “Red Hot Sales Letter Creator”
This software walks you through the process step-by-step. Each segment breaks down the copywriting process. All you do is fill in the blanks and presto, you have a sales letter that matches what YOU want your prospects to understand!

o    Your Marketing Library Essentials

“Think and Grow Rich”, “Scientific Advertising”,“50 Things for Success”, “Great Headlines Instantly”, “Headline Examples”, “Best Headline Words”, “Autoresponder Magic”, “How to Create E-Covers”


FREE PUBLICITY! If your business is authentic and in integrity, Lorrie will list it with a link to your website as a recommended resource.


Proprietary Laminated Speed Copywriting Blueprint


The RED HOT CHICKEN!!! (Priceless)






































or five payments of $299


Everything in the Silver Level PLUS a personal COPY CRITIQUE by Lorrie on YOUR copy via Camtasia video ($2,500 value). This critique ALONE can mean massive profits and clarity of your message! Remember, tiny tweaks make huge differences in copy. And the more Lorrie understands your business, the more helpful she can be with your copy. Notes from the Red Hot Attorney: Critique is non-transferable and must be redeemed by March 7, 2009. This is equal to one hour of Lorrie’s personal time. Please allow 4-6 weeks for Lorrie’s response. Submitted copy may be used in Lorrie’s publications. Please don’t submit anything confidential.





or seven payments of $359

BUT You MUST Commit Soon! Once We Reach Critical Mass, Registration Will Be CLOSED!

It's easy to get caught up in the BUSY-NESS of your life and ignore what is best for your BUSINESS! That's a mistake that will come back and bite you on the butt.

I hate to see entrepreneurs who could really do well financially and make a difference to their target audience because they were too easily distracted. If you're remotely interested in this course, I recommend you act NOW.

Click here to see your payment options...

Best of all it’s 100% guaranteed for 365 days. I am so confident this is the BEST step-by-step copywriting system out there (bar NONE) I encourage you to try it for yourself for 365 days.

The risk is solely on Red Hot Copy…not YOU!

If you’re not thrilled with the education you receive and you’re not getting use out of it, I insist you return the entire product for a full refund (less shipping, of course).  I simply don’t want you to keep a product that isn’t serving you.

For Ordering Information · FAQ

So, How Much Would Earning an
Extra $10,000 Per Year
Mean to You?

What about an extra $10,000 a quarter? A month? Or even a WEEK?! I’m not using an inflated figure but one I truly believe you can attain with good copy. That's because the results I've seen from simply making small tweaks to copy (and nothing else) have been staggering. It is my goal to land you firmly in the next level by using your copy as a catapult.

While I can't predict what your personal results will be, I can assure you that copy is the closest thing there is to a magic bullet for giving yourself a pay raise. Good copy equals more sales. PERIOD.

For Ordering Information · FAQ

Copy is the Engine that Drives the Marketing Machine....
As Any Top Marketer Knows!

You may sitting there thinking, “Hmm, well this all sounds nice, but I’m not ready for copy yet.”

You may be right. It all depends on which Stage you are at in your own business. See in all my years of working with thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself, I’ve discovered there are truly Three Stages of Success.

The First Stage is when your passion develops and you know you are called upon to serve certain people. I call this the “Budding Stage.” We all begin here. And this is the most frustrating stage because these people don’t connect the marketing to spreading their message. It’s very painful like a rose bud with all this beauty trapped inside that can’t get out.

The Second Stage is the “Emergence Stage.” This is when business owners begin to get it. They finally see the connection between spreading the word through marketing and copy and increased sales. Finally they begin to realize they can make a difference in the world when others know they exist. This is a fun stage because people actually begin to see results. It’s like a rose that’s just beginning to bloom.

The Final Stage is the “Enlightened Stage.” It’s as if the veil has been lifted. It’s finally clear how integrating marketing on a consistent basis with a good, sound business model reaps success. Finally business is in full bloom and at its most magnificent. People are seeking out your business instead of you begging to get noticed. You are making a difference in the world because you are able to help more people. Money is pouring in so you can keep the cycle going. This stage is the BEST!

So every stage is perfectly fine to be in. You have to decide for yourself which one most defines you.

For Ordering Information · FAQ

Don’t Even Think About It! Just Let Me Show You How To…

  • Put yourself back in the marketing driver’s seat

  • Effortlessly tap into your inner copywriter

  • Discover insider secrets that clearly define your target market

  • Learn the proven systems to banish writer’s block forever

  • Write surefire headlines to pull clients into your copy

  • Specific methods to identify your best prospects to funnel more money, more money, MORE MONEY into your bank account!
  • Insider tricks to asking the right questions (so you get powerful answers from your customers)

  • Blueprint your mind-blowing copywriting system from A to Z

… And so much more!

For Ordering Information · FAQ

I know you’re busy running a business and I refuse to waste your time. This is a condensed copywriting education product designed to immerse you in ways of thinking about your business you likely have never experienced before. You will learn SPEED COPYWRITING…the most valuable skill you can ever master in your business. Remember, this course gives you a step-by-step blueprint of exactly how to get started and keep your copy momentum going;

  • the ability to turn out a professional-grade sales letter by following my simple blueprint (as well as the support copy that goes with it);

  • insider tricks that take you out of writer's block and tap into your most creative side;

  • customizable exercises you can overlay on your own powerful marketing campaigns;

  • laminated copywriting checklists you can save to use over and over again;

  • Target market questionnaire based on my own research and secrets I’ve learned from Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and other copywriting masters;

  • Timeless swipe files you can easily mold to your own business without plagiarizing or being unethical

For Ordering Information · FAQ

Phew! This Course Is Loaded To The Gills WITH VALUE!!!

In fact, I’d like to be completely honest with you. There is not another copywriting education product that can touch the step-by-step, easy-to-follow training you get from the “Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course.” I’m not saying you couldn’t learn about copywriting elsewhere, but this course has been carefully structured to get you the fastest results possible while at the same time teaching you a REPEATABLE, systemized skill guaranteed to make you money. I look forward to supporting you in your wildest success!


Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero 

P.S. If you’re still thinking about whether or not “Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course” is for you, consider this…

  • You can read about DRIVING A CAR, but you’ll never learn without hands-on practice;

  • You can read about PLAYING GOLF, but you’ll never learn without hands-on practice;

  • You can read about COOKING A GOURMET MEAL, but you’ll never learn without hands-on practice;

  •  You can read about GIVING A SPEECH, but you’ll never learn without hands-on practice;

  • You can read about COPYWRITING, but you’ll never learn without hands-on practice!

“Speed Copywriting Teleseminar  Course” is a rare chance for you to learn insider trade secrets, avoid making common mistakes, practice your new skill, AND have fun…in the shortest amount of time possible. There is a method…a process…a formula. I know it and I’m ready to hand you the keys to the gold mine…without the hype!

 Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

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"Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill you can outsource because it's good copy that sells products. It's good copy that sells services. It's good copy that sells ANYTHING. As a copywriter in my 'past life,' I made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing copy that sells, and I'm telling you Lorrie will show you the exact same strategies I used for my clients! You'll save thousands of dollars over hiring a pro to write your copy for you, and copywriting is a skill that will help make you money for LIFE.”

-- Alexandria Brown, the Ezine Queen,


"I just received Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's " Speed Copywriting Workshop " in the mail and after only one day of watching the DVDs (I still have six or seven to go - SO much valuable content!) I can honestly say that this is going to be one of the most valuable tools in my resource library!

Lorrie breaks down her speed copywriting steps into easy-to-use and easy-to-understand pieces (or should I say chicken chunks?) and it makes writing copy so simple!  Never before has copywriting seemed easy to me - it was always that big, ugly project that I never wanted to take on.  Now, I feel like I have the backing to take these types of projects head on and produce results!

As a virtual assistant, I am also very excited to be able to bring this new skill to my client's businesses.  Lorrie has made it SO easy to become GREAT at copywriting and I am excited to see where this takes me in both my business and in the businesses of my clients.

-- Erin Blaskie, Business Services, ETC



More Satisfied Students RAVE!

"I’ve made over $19,000 from the copywriting skills Lorrie taught me. Lorrie, no one I know in the industry teaches the principles and techniques of kick-ass, get ’em-to-buy copywriting as well as you do. I went from a fumbling and confused wanna be marketer to an unstoppable marketing maverick because you showed me step-by-step how to write words that persuade and sell. And I never thought of myself as a “sales” person – I have an art background. But you’re special in that way because you understand what it’s like to be a heart-based person and you are so gifted at showing people like us how to win in the internet marketing game. Thank you so much Lorrie because FINALLY there’s someone teaching copy with a down-to-earth, sensitive approach!"

James Roche,

"This was AWESOME! I can hardly wait to build my online business with your help. You're up there with Kennedy, Carlton, Halbert, etc! So CHARGE MORE! You're worth it!"

LouAnn Savage,

"It was amazing! I actually didn't want it to end! The coaches were phenomenal. They all bring different skills and genres to the table. Lorrie is SO generous with her time and knowledge."

Michele Hunter,

"Excellent and brilliant! Blueprint, sales letter, tarket, chicken chunks, SPEED copywriting - I love it! You released me to write bad headlines until they got good. I also learned about writing personal copy. Thank you!!"

Ann Convery,

"I will just get my not so perfect copy out instead of letting it sit and stress me out. You have given me a reference for the power of acting on your ideas - having the courage to throw down the gauntlet and striking out to do your own thing. Thank you!"

George Franco,

"In the course of a lifetime – if you’re lucky – you run into a few great teachers and mentors. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero hits the mark in the copywriting arena. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned pro, the information and guidance that Lorrie shares on copywriting and marketing is not just invaluable, but extraordinarily generous.

Best of all, Lorrie teaches in a way that puts everyone on par. She is amazingly gracious, positive and supportive. And the students in her classes respond to Lorrie and each other in just that way. There is no pretense or posturing here – just teaching and learning at its best. Thanks Lorrie!"

Phyllis Schwartz, Copywriter

"Hi Lorrie, What can I say but, "Where have you been all my life? Having started out as a college professor, I have been trying for years to transform my boring academic writing into captivating prose. And it was a slow process until you came along!

After taking your copy writing class all my writing has improved. I have a more engaging style, a clearer call to action, and most importantly better results! Total strangers are now signing up for my newsletters, eclasses, etc. And I also found I have a knack for writing titles.

In my last marketing teleclass my classmates were literally clamoring for my help with their titles. Besides being so helpful to me--you are just, simply the best copy writer I've ever encountered (and I have read some of the best). Reading your stuff is like landing in colorful Oz after having lived in black and white Kansas. Thank you so much! "

Dr. Lauren Outland,

"Lorrie, you're great. And that's official! Your simple straight forward formula and process for creating compelling copy rocks. I now feel fully confident to tackle the job of writing my own sales letters. In fact Lorrie has made copywriting so fascinating I've already crafted a letter. I'll be sending it straight to George Bush and Tony Blair, recommending that copywriting be put on the list of controlled substances! That's how addictive copywriting is. I'm now hooked good and proper. Lorrie, thank you also for your impromptu sales letter critique. Totally blown away and have already built in all your recommendations."

Loz Wilson,

"Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero has changed my life! Not only have I learned tons about how to write attention-grabbing copy, my energy level when I sit down to write even a simple e-mail just skyrockets! Lorrie's style of teaching is smooth, simple to understand and takes the student through a method of learning that reminds me of a float trip down a river - constantly forward, occasionally challenging and always wet, wild and fun! Just go with it!"

Steve Majors,

"Lorrie teaches you a SYSTEM for writing copy – nobody else I have ever studied under gave me a system I could follow and be successful with every time I write sales copy. Lorrie’s teaching style is very interactive, while being very instructional."

Diane Conklin

"I'm a professional copywriter and I have to tell you that Lorrie's Red Hot Copy Bootcamp improved my copywriting more quickly and dramatically than anything I've ever done (and I've done lots!). My confidence level shot off the charts. Not only that, but Lorrie's an amazingly generous spirit: just when you think you got what you expected, she gives and gives and gives some more. Lorrie: you inspire me!"

Maggie Dennison,

"As an entrepreneur I couldn't care less about copywriting.  But I do want to know how to increase my sales.  I had achieved a high level of traffic visiting my website, but I wasn’t making the sales I needed to survive.  It became clear to me that I wasn’t meeting the needs of those potential customers.  What I said on the site and how I said it wasn’t capturing their attention. 

What's refreshing about Lorrie’s material is that the content is extensive, thorough, and extremely adaptable.  It’s easy to modify her examples to fit your own copy. Her step by step process made it easy for me to learn the methods and apply them to my own site. When I applied her methods to the sites I use for my Google campaigns, my conversion rates increased immediately.  Next, I began to see product inquiries reach all time records.

And when I wrote my sales letters, suddenly I went from making the occasional sale to gaining new customers every day of the week."

James P. McMahon, Ecologist,

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