Attention Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Copywriters who want to get inside the complex mind of the female consumer ...


“It’s a Shame to See So Many Entrepreneurs Struggle When It Can Be SO EASY to Attract Much More Money WITHOUT Spending More on Marketing…”

I Know the Secrets, and I’M TELLING!!

From: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Date: Wednesday 10:01 AM

Dear Savvy Business Owner,


Lorrie Red
Lorrie Morgan Ferrero
"The Copywriting Strategist"

I’m Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy, and I’m known for my fun and easy methods to write profit pumping copy in fast order…

Now I’m finally ready to share the entire marketing roadmap you need to plug your copy into so you can skyrocket your profits in TODAY’S VOLATILE MARKETPLACE.

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Dorothy!

It’s a whole new world out there with fast-changing technology and super savvy consumers. And if you haven’t noticed, the market to reach has changed too. It used to be that masculine, testosteronal driven marketing worked like gangbusters to sell, sell, sell. No more. That’s because it’s the WOMEN who make 85% of the buying decisions…across EVERY BRAND!

(Yes, even the ones you wouldn’t think of like sporting merchandise, motorcycles, SUVs, real estate, electronics, even handguns!) Women are leading the way with their wallets.

And women want to be treated differently! In fact they demand it or they simply go play in someone else’s sandbox.

I Started My Marketing Career By ACCIDENT!

A few short years ago I was fetching coffee for the CEO of a marketing firm. And I was miserable. (See, when my two sons were born I was a stay-at-home mom and loved it. We hung out together and did enriching things everyday…fingerpainting, museums, cooking family meals, etc.)

Then after getting divorced, I had to get a ‘real’ job and put my little guys in daycare. One day I got an epiphany that I NEEDED to be back home with my boys. I got remarried to the love of my life, and when my boss retired I just didn’t get another job. I was going to be an entrepreneur!

I Had the PASSION but No PLAN!

This decision did not go over very well with the new husband (and the stress in the house was unbearable.) As I struggled to learn how to eek out a living from home using that ‘new-fangled Internet’ I became a ravenous student of marketing. I went to seminars, read every book, bought every home study course… and put us into over $46,000 in debt in record time.

As I started to figure out how this whole copywriting business could be profitable, as a byproduct I became an expert in marketing. (Truthfully, you can’t have good marketing WITHOUT strong copy. See we are all really marketers and the DNA of marketing is powerful copy.)   

Today I run a wildly successful Internet marketing and copywriting firm. In fact;


      • Each year my business doubles or triples its income consistently;

      • My work style shifted from being a lone ranger to working with a staff of 5 amazing team members;

      • My family and I moved into a spacious 4-bedroom home with a gorgeous kidney-shaped pool;

      • We travel to exotic places like Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Hawaii, and Mexico to name a few;

      • My husband and I are closer than ever before because we live in JOY and HARMONY;

      • I get to share my sons’ developing philosophies of the world right from my home without begging for time off from the boss!

Ah, life is GOOD!

So How Did I Create So Much Time, Money, and Freedom in My Life?

I have to give you a bit more background to explain how things are so much different today than they were in 1999 when I left the corporate world.

It’s pretty simple really. I have a knack for connecting with people using marketing with built-in rapport.

See, I learned copywriting and marketing from the best of the best in the business. I studied Claude Hopkins (dead), John Caples (dead), Gene Schwartz (dead), David Ogilvy (dead), Rosser Reeves (dead), Gary Halbert (dead), Alex Mandossian (alive), Dan Kennedy (alive), and John Carlton (alive)...just to name a few.

Our personalities were very different. Maybe because I’m a woman…and maybe not. I’m not sure. I just know these dudes were all tough "men's men." They worked the trenches with hardcore, balls-to-the-wall copy. My goal was to write just like them…and they taught me. (In fact, side by side you'd be hard-pressed to recognize that I was a female at all.)

And you know what? I LOVED it! It was so direct and in-your-face. My copy stood up and spoke a language I personally never could. It was easier to hide behind the persona of the copy. Plus it sold like hotcakes! I started making more money, attracting more clients, and LOVING what I did.

But I realized Iwas different than the traditional guys. (Trust me, I didn’t WANT to be different…I simply am.) See, I just have a different way of connecting with people and building rapport (whether in regular life or in marketing.) My style breeds trust and authenticity.

Well guess what? That’s exactly how women like to be marketed to. It’s about the RELATIONSHIP, silly!

So even though I’ve been resisting being the spokeswoman in our industry for selling to women, I recognized I ALREADY AM DIFFERENT. I may as well embrace it!

And the more I stopped trying to be like anyone else and embraced my own marketing style, the faster my income grew!

Just Because I'm a WOMAN Doesn't Mean I Automatically Knew How To Market To Other Women!

I've had plenty of clients and students come to me in the past for my services BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN. The one thing they all had in common was they wanted to reach the female market. Funny thing is, women don't naturally know how to market to other women! Unless you know what you're doing women are just as likely as men to make mistakes with their coveted market.

So although I tended to write more like a man than a woman, over time I recognized I actually knew a ton about marketing to women. (Not because I AM one but because I’m an expert at building rapport!)

See I moved a lot growing up. That meant new neighborhoods, new schools, and new kids. I was painfully shy so I kept to myself. When I got to high school, I decided to “become popular” somehow.

But since I never was popular before, I didn’t have the first clue how to go about it. So I became a student of human psychology. I studied the behavior of the popular kids and started doing what they did!

I learned a huge part of their popularity came from BUILDING RAPPORT! So I became an expert at doing it quickly so people trusted and liked me right away. I became hyper tuned in to whoever I was talking with and made them feel like they were the most important person in the world. Those skills never left me! (By the way, the more I continued studying psychology the more I realized I had stumbled onto language and body patterns called Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.)

So I Spent the Last Year Feverishly Researching, Testing and Tracking What Methods Work Best When Marketing to Women!

Here is what I now know…

There IS another way to market. It's entirely possible to weave the traditional PROVEN methods of marketing with the new rising consciousness of women and other consumers. And no matter how you look at it, how you write your COPY is more important than EVER if you want to attract the female market instead of repelling them!

Men and women make decisions very differently. Neither is right or wrong. When you try to reach men using techniques that work with women, you ALSO REACH THE MEN.

BUT, when you try to reach WOMEN with techniques designed for men – YOU COMPLETELY ALIENATE THE WOMEN! Interesting, eh? I'll tell you more about what I learned in a minute, but first....

Let's Bring this Back to YOU!

Regardless of your gender, there are subtle, but CRITICAL differences between how men and women make their buying decisions...differences that can mean losing or gaining massively more sales.

I remember wracking my brain last holiday season over what gift to get my husband (the man who has everything). I ended up dropping a huge wad of cash at the Harley Davidson motorcycle store (you know, the ultimate testosteronal boy toy).

Personally I don't have any interest in ever getting on a Harley myself (though plenty of women love them), I’m still a very good customer to them.

Why? Because not only do they have things that make my man happy, but they have cute clothes for women (seriously). Harley gets it! They know how to market to both men AND women.

And that’s the real trick, isn’t it? So many businesses ONLY market to men because they don’t see the bigger picture. Capiche? I'm here to tell you that can be a critical BLINDSPOT, causing you to hemorrage cash!

girlsNothing against you guys, but FEMALES are the driving force behind 85% of allbuying decisions. If you STILL don't consider the spending wallop women have on the economy, check out these stats...

          • American women spend about $5 trillion annually...

          • Women buy more online products and services than men...

          • Even though many households are dual paycheck, women still spend 80% of both COMBINED incomes…

          • Single women are also a significant buying category: According to a 2008 Vertis Communications Consumer Focus Study, in 1998, only 69% of women between 18 and 24 were involved in home electronics purchases. By 2008, that number had grown to 91%...

          • In 2006, 3.9 million more women lived alone than men…among this group, women were 9% more likely than men to own their homes…
          • 70% of all new businesses are opened by women.

With numbers like this, isn’t it time to focus on what SHE is interested in?

Let’s face the facts. Even if your product or service isn’t specifically designed for women, the ladies clearly have the purchasing power!

Wouldn't knowing WHAT TO SAY in your marketing to women (and how to present it) be useful to your business? Of course it would!


Introducing a Ground-Breaking

3-Day Workshop that Shows You EXACTLY What to Do (and What to Say) to Reach the

Lucrative Female Market!

Now more than ever, there's much more to marketing and communicating to WOMEN than meets the eye. And it pains me to see so many entrepreneurs make simple mistakes that are deadly to their profits. With that in mind, I've created a three day, hands-on workshop using the latest findings in marketing and communication. It's called *The She Factor: How to Find, Catch, and Keep Your Share of the Female Market.* It took place November 10, 11, and 12 in beautiful Los Angeles. And what you'll learn from the product will dramatically evolve your marketing and copywriting ON THE SPOT. Soon you'll be tapping into YOUR SHARE of the female market too!

I will PERSONALLY show you how I catapulted my business from over $46,000 in debt to doubling and tripling sales consistently each year using my special brand of copywriting and marketing.

At *The She Factor* Workshop, you'll discover:

  • Why women suddenly have massive amounts of buying power;

  • How female buyers think completely differently from male buyers (duh!);

  • Hot places to go to find female buyers willing to spend big $$;

  • The psychological hot buttons that work on women, but NOT on men;

  • Tactics to build long-lasting trust with women and keep them buying from you;

  • Specific key words and phrases that SPEAK her secret language;

  • Copywriting devices that work well with women every time (I shouldn’t be telling you this);

  • Some of the biggest mistakes men (and other women) make when trying to sell to women;

  • How to make it up to women if you’ve offended them in the past;

  • Techniques to build and keep female purchasing loyalty to ensure repeat buying trends;

  • The best marketing channels to capture your female audience;

  • New ways to vamp up old marketing methods for our century and increase sales;

  • And so much more!

Plus, I've personally hand selected a speaker line up of 4 pros who know their stuff. Plus, I've studied with the big boys like Kennedy, Glazer, Carlton and the late, great Halbert. I learned their hard hitting, direct response techniques and I've applied my own uniquely feminine, softer sell, to skyrocket sales. I'll teach you how to do the same with top COPYWRITING and MARKETING techniques you can take to the bank.

I don't like to brag, but I am one of the top paid female copywriters in my industry. That must mean I'm doing something right.


This Powerhouse Course Features 4 Guest Experts, Plus ME, to Help You Tap into YOUR She Factor!

I picked my speakers to HIGHLIGHT my own *She Factor Marketing System.* Each and every one of them is completely relevant and integrated in this workshop.

(I even had to turn down some of my good friend's who are amazing speakers because they didn't fit the format. That was tough.)

I can't wait for you to hear what they have to share with you!

Meet the experts...


Marie will show you how to absorb more information and be exponentially MORE PRODUCTIVE than you ever thought possible. (What she teaches literally changed my life and increased my income dramatically!)

You'll learn:

  • Two invisible productivity and profit barriers that most entrepreneurs unknowingly hit, and how to break through them today.

  • How to use a simple little physics principle to INSTANTLY eliminate overwhelm and get back to producing results and having fun!

  • The shocking truth about multi-tasking.  This is clinically proven, mental health information you need to know.

  • How to use “spiritual aerodynamics” to decrease your drag and increase your productivity, profit and life satisfaction.

  • Outsourcing secrets that can save you tens of thousands of dollar now!



Jody KNOWS how to reach women. She's one of the top experts in building relationships and loyalty without a lot of extra work. She'll teach you:

  • Why the old school way of marketing is being replaced by the power of online audio and video, in networks and through referrals, and how to plug into this secret today.

  • The future of video via the Internet, mobile phones, and delivery direct to people's homes via tools like Tivo and podcasting.

  • How Social Networking plays a key roll in building relationships and communities for your organization.

  • How to establish yourself as an expert and open doors that were previously closed to you.

  • How to build an email list of loyal fans that is responsive and can't wait to share you with their friends.



In my opinion, James has the lock on the conscious and heart-based community when it comes to information products...and women LOVE what he teaches! James will teach you:

  • How to solve all your marketing problems in 10 minutes or less (No kidding. James has a technique that changes forever how you’ll do business);

  • How one simple distinction can make the difference between struggling for years (possibly failing) and experiencing an overnight success;

  • How to guarantee your info products will be a huge success…even before you spend a single minute trying to create them;

  • Why marketing tools that should work usually fail…and what you can do about it;

  • Insider secrets that create raving fans and have people buying from you over and over again!



Nancy has exploded on the scene with her powers of visibility. She's a master at keeping up to date on the latest ways to BE SEEN! Nancy shows you:

  • How EASY (and critical) it is to fit Social Networking in your life to attract relevant traffic;

  • Simple ways to build relationships with women using the most up-to-date tools;

  • How women rule the school in today’s Internet structure…and how YOU can claim your turf;

  • And so much more!



Of course the bulk of *The She Factor* is all about aligning your marketing with WOMEN, and that means your COPY HAD BETTER ROCK! Over the years I've gotten very good at teaching people the core system I use in all of my copywriting in a super fast timeframe. I'm going to take you through the paces ON SITE to whip your copy into 'WOMAN-WORTHY' shape!

I can't wait to show you...

  • How to write using a formula that is effortless and easy (I confess. I follow a specific blueprint that has gotten my copy in the limelight in a relatively short period of time and I’m going to hand it all over to YOU);

  • How to massively GROW YOUR LIST (this information alone will pay for your investment);

  • How to get a repeatable result when you follow my method for writing ANY COPY (I boiled the volumes of information overkill on this topic into the best of the best techniques you can apply right away);

  • The hush hush resources you can use to deeply SEGMENT the female market to practically read their minds (different groups of women respond to different marketing tactics);

  • How to scientifically profile your FEMALE audience using the same methods deep pocket corporations spend millions on;

  • How to get your copy to sound natural and conversational (so you build loyalty and trust over time, making you the first person she thinks of when it's time to spend money);

  • Which EMOTIONAL POWER WORDS entice women to contact you – while NOT “selling” them (I’m sharing my checklist with all attendees);

  • Ways to get your marketing message down to a sound byte you can duplicate in all of your copy so you effortlessly explain what you do and how you can help;

  • How to LOWER SALES RESISTANCE and separate yourself from any other business in your marketplace through compelling storytelling (women buy from those they bond with);

  • My secret to turning BORING COPY into a benefit-driven powerhouse that attracts attention (we all buy based on how we believe a product will make us FEEL);

  • Why you don't need to be a writer to write great headlines (I’m sharing my no-brainer formulas);

  • Which fonts and colors are the most compelling to women and which REPEL her (women respond much more visually to websites so you better know what she likes);

  • Ways to get the female market to trust you without stooping to hype and exaggeration (blow the trust factor and they are gone forever);

  • The use of psychological hot buttons and mental gymnastics that hypnotize her into buying (your copy will practically put her in a trance);

  • Which instances short copy actually outperforms longer copy (yes, those times do exist);

  • My strategic system for getting glowing testimonials (without stalking your happy clients);

  • How follow-up and extreme customer care makes you stand out like the good guy that you are (I will show you how I systematically manage my customers, step-by-step);

  • And much, much more!

Imagine how this information will impact your business! If you aren't already reaching the massive female market, you'll know exactly how after *The She Factor* Workshop!

As a male or female marketer who wants to sell to women if you think of this metaphor and apply it to your marketing, you’ll be way ahead of the game…

 Marketing To Women Is A Lot Like Sex!!!


Think about it. Both are all about flirting, trusting, seducing, and what happens after. Marketing (and the copy that's used to drive the machine) is about the FULL EXPERIENCE, not just the SALE! When you follow the process the way women like it, you have a slam dunk case for creating loyal, raving fans who are happy to KEEP GIVING you money. When you don’t do things the way she likes it, she doesn’t stick around.

There are 5 Factors that you should be following when marketing to women. I covered each factor in excruciating detail in my hands-on course.

Here is a sneak peek at what you’ll discover at this cutting-edge event…


The Flirt Factor:

How to find your share of the female market through powerful list-building, list-segmenting, and research.

Just as when you begin a new relationship, the Flirt Factor refers to finding out who you want to do business with and how to learn MORE about what they respond to. The Flirt Factor covers specifically how to write copy and create marketing campaigns using these channels and more:

  • Social Networking
  • Article Marketing
  • List Building
  • Pay Per Click
  • Press Releases
  • Direct Mail
  • Company Research
  • Customer Research
  • Competitive Research

You’ll learn the most up-to-date ways to get more, more, MORE of the RIGHT visitors to your website! (Even on a shoestring budget!)


The Trust Factor:

How to build such irresistible rapport and authenticity your market will clamor to throw money at you.

Once you find the people you want to connect with and keep close to you, you have to build the trust. We’ll show you how in The Trust Factor segment. You’ll learn how to write support copy to promote these rapport-building  with:

  • Blogging
  • Teleseminars
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Ezines
  • Audio
  • Video

Plus there will be a special clinic on HIGHLY EFFECTIVE STORYTELLING and how to ADD PERSONALITY to your copy. (Plus I’ll share old and new techniques PROVEN to make you maximum money with minimal effort.)


The Close Factor:

So you got ‘em, they trust you, and now it’s time for the CLOSE. This is the place where so many prospects bag out because of simple mistakes the marketer makes. We’ll show you ways to write copy that keeps them ironclad bound to committing to you.

In The Close Factor, we’ll cover:

  • Product Funnel
  • Persuasive Copywriting
  • No Pressure Close
  • Creating Irresistible Offers
  • Bonuses
  • Types of Guarantees

You’ll learn NO PRESSURE SALES and secret copywriting language patterns that do the selling for you. (Just sit back and rake in the dough.)


The After Factor:

It ain’t over yet. Sure, you got the sale but if you’re in this for the long haul (like you should be) you’ll find women in particular respond well to a little follow up. In The After Factor you’ll learn how to create mouth-watering copywriting and marketing strategies to keep YOUR BUSINESS on top-of-mind. You’ll learn some surprising new ways to keep the fires stoked with:

  • Sequential Autoresponders
  • Surveys
  • Free (Cheap) Gifts
  • Gentle Upsells

You’ll learn the latest stealthy strategies that make FOLLOW UP a piece of cake. (Warning: Your profits may soar without adding a single new customer!)


The Rave Factor:

Whether you’re a guy or a gal, I’m sure you know women talk to each other. When they like something, you know. When they hate something, you know even more! In The Rave Factor, you’ll learn how to use this innate behavior to:

  • Build Excitement
  • Create a Buzz
  • Systematically Collect Testimonials

You’ll learn how to leverage the customers you already have to create glowing TESTIMONIALS and LOYALTY PROGRAMS. (The more you use these 5 Factors, the less you’ll actually be working!)

"Okay, I'm Convinced, Lorrie! How Much?"

I am so passionate about sharing this knowledge, I’m offering access for a nominal fee.

The regular investment price for this cutting edge knowledge started out to be $2,497.00 (a small amount compared to how much earning power you'll receive from this program when you understand how to effectively find, catch, and keep your share of the female market.)

But the truth is, I wanted this to be a complete NO-BRAINER. Even though I personally believe we live in a time of great abundance, I recognize a lot of businesses are feeling the 'fear of a recession.' You can't grow a business from a place of fear. I see a lot of people struggling when they really don't have to be. My strongest belief is when you choose to EXPAND and INVEST in yourself, that is when you'll see the fruits of your labor.

So when you make your decision to learn tactics that will truly HELP your business reach more people and make a difference, you pay just $697.00! I'm sure you'll agree that's a small sum to pay for this exclusive information on marketing to women.

Hot Deal

YES! I definitely want to understand “The She Factor: How to Find, Catch, and Keep Your Share of the Female Market!” I am excited to get the program mailed to me as soon as possible! I recognize changes in the traditional marketing models are on the horizon, and I trust the expertise of you and your speakers to share CUTTING EDGE INFORMATION and ACTIONS STEPS with me. It’s time for both men and women to reach out to this market in more responsive ways. I can't believe I pay only $697.00!

GUARANTEEDI understand my investment is 100% guaranteed! All product refund requests will be processed within 30 days upon approval of submission or receipt of returned product!

Yes, Lorrie, I'm In!


Click Here

Get your copy of this course for just $697.00.

Get It NOW and Upgrade Your Marketing!

You KNOW you're going to end up getting *The She Factor* program because it's right for your business! So don't wait. I don't want you to feel the pain in your wallet by not reaching the female market. Nobody else has the information you're going to get in this unique course!

In fact, I'd like to be completely honest with you. There hasn't been another course that has taught marketing to women in this depth in the info-marketing industry! I'm not saying you couldn't learn about marketing to women elsewhere, but this course was carefully structured to get you the fastest results possible while at the same time teaching you a REPLICATIBLE system to communicate to and attract the largest marketing segment in the world...WOMEN! I look forward to supporting you in your wildest success!


Lorrie Signature

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero 


P.S. I've had some past fans I'd like to share with you...

“Lorrie flatters me, often, by saying I helped her launch her career... but to be fair, my part was more like simply lighting the fuse on a rocket ready to go. She came out of nowhere, and quickly became the most widely-known and respected female copywriters around -- working with Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Joe Polish, and other top marketers. She brings a super-savvy female perspective to copywriting, as well as showing up most of the guys who have been in the freelance gig much longer than her. As a professional, she comes with the highest recommendation possible.”

--John Carlton,

“If you become *good* at writing decent copy you can make a small fortune -- and that's no exaggeration. My good friend, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is one of the most UNDERRATED copywriters (and best copywriting TEACHERS) on the entire Internet. If you’re looking for someone to break down the mastery of copywriting into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process, you should check Lorrie out.”

--John Reese,

I’d like to credit Lorrie with helping me earn $7,674 in 72 hours. And tens of thousands of dollars since then using copywriting techniques she taught me. You know how sometimes you learn something you didn’t even know you needed to know? That’s what learning copywriting from Lorrie is like. I work with independent professionals and entrepreneurs everyday and I’d say the single biggest reason their incomes aren’t higher is bad copy.”

--Michael Port,


"Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill you can outsource because it's good copy that sells products. It's good copy that sells services. It's good copy that sells ANYTHING. As a copywriter in my 'past life,' I made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing copy that sells, and I'm telling you Lorrie will show you the exact same strategies I used for my clients! You'll save thousands of dollars over hiring a pro to write your copy for you, and copywriting is a skill that will help make you money for LIFE."

-- Alexandria Brown, the Ezine Queen,


"I just received Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's "Speed Copywriting Workshop" in the mail and after only one day of watching the DVDs (I still have six or seven to go - SO much valuable content!) I can honestly say that this is going to be one of the most valuable tools in my resource library!

Lorrie breaks down her speed copywriting steps into easy-to-use and easy-to-understand pieces (or should I say chicken chunks?) and it makes writing copy so simple!  Never before has copywriting seemed easy to me - it was always that big, ugly project that I never wanted to take on.  Now, I feel like I have the backing to take these types of projects head on and produce results!

As a virtual assistant, I am also very excited to be able to bring this new skill to my client's businesses.  Lorrie has made it SO easy to become GREAT at copywriting and I am excited to see where this takes me in both my business and in the businesses of my clients."

-- Erin Blaskie, Business Services, ETC,

Click here to listen

The Red Hot Copy Speed Copywriting Teleseminar Course was exactly what I needed. It gave me the tools to write my own promotional materials and find my target market niche. Lorrie is easy to understand teacher and she gives real examples. I've come out of the course with a strong sales letter and my own "about me" story. It's a valuable program for anyone wanting to understand how to craft a sales letter.

-- Elizabeth Ruiz Direct marketing Rx,  

"I've made over $19,000 from the copywriting skills Lorrie taught me. Lorrie, no one I know in the industry teaches the principles and techniques of kick-ass, get 'em-to-buy copywriting as well as you do. I went from a fumbling and confused wanna be marketer to an unstoppable marketing maverick because you showed me step-by-step how to write words that persuade and sell. And I never thought of myself as a "sales" person - I have an art background. But you're special in that way because you understand what it's like to be a heart-based person and you are so gifted at showing people like us how to win in the internet marketing game. Thank you so much Lorrie because FINALLY there's someone teaching copy with a down-to-earth, sensitive approach!"

James Roche,

"This was AWESOME! I can hardly wait to build my online business with your help. You're up there with Kennedy, Carlton, Halbert, etc! So CHARGE MORE! You're worth it!"

LouAnn Savage,

"It was amazing! I actually didn't want it to end! The coaches were phenomenal. They all bring different skills and genres to the table. Lorrie is SO generous with her time and knowledge."

Michele Hunter,

"Excellent and brilliant! Blueprint, sales letter, tarket, chicken chunks, SPEED copywriting - I love it! You released me to write bad headlines until they got good. I also learned about writing personal copy. Thank you!!"

Ann Convery,

"I will just get my not so perfect copy out instead of letting it sit and stress me out. You have given me a reference for the power of acting on your ideas - having the courage to throw down the gauntlet and striking out to do your own thing. Thank you!"

George Franco,

"In the course of a lifetime - if you're lucky - you run into a few great teachers and mentors. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero hits the mark in the copywriting arena. Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, the information and guidance that Lorrie shares on copywriting and marketing is not just invaluable, but extraordinarily generous.

Best of all, Lorrie teaches in a way that puts everyone on par. She is amazingly gracious, positive and supportive. And the students in her classes respond to Lorrie and each other in just that way. There is no pretense or posturing here - just teaching and learning at its best. Thanks Lorrie!"

Phyllis Schwartz, Copywriter

"Hi Lorrie, What can I say but, "Where have you been all my life? Having started out as a college professor, I have been trying for years to transform my boring academic writing into captivating prose. And it was a slow process until you came along!

After taking your copy writing class all my writing has improved. I have a more engaging style, a clearer call to action, and most importantly better results! Total strangers are now signing up for my newsletters, eclasses, etc. And I also found I have a knack for writing titles.

In my last marketing teleclass my classmates were literally clamoring for my help with their titles. Besides being so helpful to me--you are just, simply the best copy writer I've ever encountered (and I have read some of the best). Reading your stuff is like landing in colorful Oz after having lived in black and white Kansas. Thank you so much! "

Dr. Lauren Outland,

"Lorrie, you're great. And that's official! Your simple straight forward formula and process for creating compelling copy rocks. I now feel fully confident to tackle the job of writing my own sales letters. In fact Lorrie has made copywriting so fascinating I've already crafted a letter. I'll be sending it straight to George Bush and Tony Blair, recommending that copywriting be put on the list of controlled substances! That's how addictive copywriting is. I'm now hooked good and proper. Lorrie, thank you also for your impromptu sales letter critique. Totally blown away and have already built in all your recommendations."

Loz Wilson,  www. lozwilson .com

"Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero has changed my life! Not only have I learned tons about how to write attention-grabbing copy, my energy level when I sit down to write even a simple e-mail just skyrockets! Lorrie's style of teaching is smooth, simple to understand and takes the student through a method of learning that reminds me of a float trip down a river - constantly forward, occasionally challenging and always wet, wild and fun! Just go with it!"

Steve Majors,

"Lorrie teaches you a SYSTEM for writing copy - nobody else I have ever studied under gave me a system I could follow and be successful with every time I write sales copy. Lorrie's teaching style is very interactive, while being very instructional."

Diane Conklin

"I'm a professional copywriter and I have to tell you that Lorrie's Red Hot Copy Bootcamp improved my copywriting more quickly and dramatically than anything I've ever done (and I've done lots!). My confidence level shot off the charts. Not only that, but Lorrie's an amazingly generous spirit: just when you think you got what you expected, she gives and gives and gives some more. Lorrie: you inspire me!"

Maggie Dennison,

"As an entrepreneur I couldn't care less about copywriting.  But I do want to know how to increase my sales.  I had achieved a high level of traffic visiting my website, but I wasn't making the sales I needed to survive.  It became clear to me that I wasn't meeting the needs of those potential customers.  What I said on the site and how I said it wasn't capturing their attention. 

What's refreshing about Lorrie's material is that the content is extensive, thorough, and extremely adaptable.  It's easy to modify her examples to fit your own copy. Her step by step process made it easy for me to learn the methods and apply them to my own site. When I applied her methods to the sites I use for my Google campaigns, my conversion rates increased immediately.  Next, I began to see product inquiries reach all time records.

And when I wrote my sales letters, suddenly I went from making the occasional sale to gaining new customers every day of the week."

James P. McMahon, Ecologist,

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