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[Copywriting TNT] Spinning Your Copy with Storytelling

Hi there, Being under the weather last week I ate a lot of comfort food (like chili and chicken pot pie) and couldn’t work out. I didn’t make my daily smoothies either. So my body said, “Here’s an extra spare tire for you!” Yup, my clothes are a little tighter than I want. That ever […]

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[Copywriting TNT] The Backstory of a Woman Copywriter

Hi there, I just returned from a very relaxing week with family in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was delicious to totally disengage (well, mostly) from the online world and really reboot. We had…wait for it…real CONVERSATIONS! It sure is cold in that part of the country though. I was glad to return to my 90 […]

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[Copywriting TNT] Biggest Copywriting Secret Ever

Hi There, Have you ever had a rogue breeze play havoc with your day? Yesterday Lorrie was racing to the airport when along comes a twist in her plans. That’s what happened to Lorrie this week when she was blocked from her flight by a mere 2 minutes. From that moment everything changed. The Universe […]

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Women Value Relationships Over Things

Hi There, As I’m writing this to you, I’m on my second day of a 3-day Detox program. I’m doing it with my sweetheart. And it feels great! My skin looks amazing. I’ve actually dropped some weight. And I slept for 10 delicious hours last night. (Usually I’m lucky to get 6 hours a night, […]

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Idea Incubators

Look over a list of power words like the ones mentioned in my article. As you know, certain words elicit a subtle psychological response. The ones that inspire excitement and sales need to be peppered in your copy.

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