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[Red Hot TNT] Why Self-Launching Videos Might Be Hurting Your Reputation

Hey there!

June has always been a big month for me. First of all it launches with my birthday celebration on the 1st. (I usually celebrate for weeks afterwards so I can play with all my friends.)

LoJohnWeddingThen John and I picked June 6th for our anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married for 16 years. We’ve known each other for 22 years. Where did the time go??

We had planned to go out to a nice dinner in Hollywood then watch one of our favorite indie singers, Jim Bianco. (His music style has a smoky, swing vibe.)

But here’s something about me you might not know. I’m very social when I’m out but I don’t like going out more than one night in a row. I love my home and I’d rather curl up in the living room with John than drive anywhere. I also don’t like staying up late and the band wouldn’t start until 9pm. And I was tired. (I like my sleep and I’m an early riser.)

So John said we didn’t have to go out and that I should take a nap. Then an hour later he woke me up and said we were going out. Turned out we had an awesome time after all.

Meanwhile the Simple Writing System coaching program is underway. What a terrific class.

If you’re using video in your sales copy (and you should) I have a counter point of view to videos that blast through your speakers when you visit a page. I’m interested in hearing your opinion in the comments below.

Have a spectacular week!






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Why Self-Launching Videos Might Be Hurting Your Reputation

By: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Marketing Strategist

Get ready for a video rant. You know I hate self-launching videos. But beyond my personal opinion, you actually might be harming your online reputation if you rely on them.

These days, people pay A LOT of attention to how you present yourself online.

When you rely on auto-launch videos, psychologically you are setting yourself up as a pushy loudmouth who doesn’t respect your visitors. Stay with me for a moment.

Imagine you’re surfing the web and multi-tasking. You have several windows open and you find a link that tickles your fancy. You click on it only to have an uninvited voice begin talking to you through your screen.

Many people (like me) immediately close that window. You may have the greatest solution in the world to my problem but you’ve run off a potential customer or fan. Not your intention, I’m sure.

When a video self-launches here’s what it says about you:

  1. Auto-launch videos are intrusive, interruptive, and impolite. Your visitor has invited you into their home and environment. When they’re attacked by an auto-launch video, they feel like they’re sharing the room with an uninvited screaming toddler at a nice restaurant. Not cool…
  2. With auto-launch videos, you are disrespecting your visitors so they lose respect for your business. When you blast an auto-launch video you’re behaving like a pushy, sleezy salesperson. You’re not allowing your visitors the option of controlling their own experiences by letting them CHOOSE whether or not to watch your video.
  3. Auto-launch videos are like video rape. Sounds harsh, I know but frankly that’s exactly what it is. You’re forcing yourself on your visitors without their consent. Now they don’t trust you because you are not allowing them the opportunity to experience you at their own pace.

“But they convert,” you might retort.

Possibly, but at what price? You are ultimately damaging your relationship with your visitors on many psychological levels. So auto-launch videos may or may not work in the short term, but aren’t you here for the long term?

Be one of the good guys with a moral compass. Not the used car salesman who does whatever it takes to make a sale.

You’re better than auto-launch videos. If you’re using them now…STOP IT!

You don’t deserve to fall into the psychological profiling that comes with businesses who use auto-launch videos.

You’re here to make a difference. Let’s do it!

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy is a pioneer in the world of copywriting when it comes to selling to women and conscious entrepreneurs. Her background as a journalist and an actress prepared her for the level of wordsmithing and psychology necessary to build her decade-plus long career. Her list of clients reads like a Hall of Fame list of marketers and corporations such as Office Depot, NAWBO, Ladies Who Launch, Ali Brown International, Braveheart Women, Glazer Kennedy, and more. Author, speaker, and creator of “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp,” “The Conscious Copywriting Formula,” and “30 Day Storytelling Challenge” (free on Facebook), Lorrie knows what it takes to build rapport for long-lasting relationships. And more importantly, she knows how to SELL with copy!  


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