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[Red Hot TNT] Secret to Connecting With Language

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DSC_0040Earlier this month I had the honor of having my parents, Linda & Joe Pridgeon travel from Missouri to visit us in dry, drought-y California. I haven’t seen them in maybe 7 years so it was delightful.

We did a little touring around. Like we went to Dana Point to take a sunset cruise on a “tall ship” which is like an old pirate ship with sails. So beautiful!

But mostly we hung out and really got to spend quality time together. It’s funny when I realized my mom got smarter as I got older. LOL

My mom is as fanatical about birds as I am about elephants. So I got a great lesson about hummingbirds. You know how you see all those feeders filled with red water…that’s a marketing trick.

Marketers want you to think hummingbirds won’t find the water if it isn’t red so they can sell it to you. The problem is the red dye isn’t good for them and there are other unnecessary additives in the store-bought versions.

So I learned how to make my own hummingbird water from my mom. You take 4 parts water to 1 part sugar and bring it to a boil. Next, let it cool down. Then add it to your feeder. The hummers have no problem finding their food. So nix the store-bought junk and make your own food.

Enough homespun wisdom for today. I think you’ll really enjoy the article today, “Secret to Connecting With Language”.

The fall leaves will be turning soon in parts of the world. Won’t you post some of your pictures at I’d love to see them.






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Secret to Connecting With Language

By: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Marketing Strategist

Imagine getting your ticket to visit a colony of creatures living on Mars. Would you simply go there without doing any research on their culture, their habits, or their sensibilities? Of course not!

Yet many marketers erroneously waste their time spewing out generic messages to their prospects. They are not aware of how often these prospects leave the fold, never to return again. That means money pouring out faster than it comes in.

Let’s bring things back to Earth. Ever notice how different language appeals to different people? How you speak to one group makes a big difference in whether or not you’ll connect. Use the word ‘sick’ to a nurse means someone is ill. Use the word ‘sick’ with a teen and it means something is a good thing. You never want to mix up the lingo.

To be honest, using the right language with the wrong prospect isn’t going to get you anywhere.

So as a marketer, where do you begin to dig for this connecting information? Well, you start by connecting to the person on the other side of the page…the person reading.

Before we go one step further, please understand this concept…

Copywriting is a team sport. There is YOU, the writer. And there is HIM or HER, the reader. Here’s the deal. The reader gets to decide when the game is over. As soon as the reader is gone, nobody is reading your copy anymore. So you must anticipate what’s going to keep them interested and intrigued with the copy ahead of time.

We have a lot to cover here, so pull up a chair and pay close attention. First of all, when you want to connect with somebody, you have to know where they’re coming from.

Let’s put this in the most basic of terms.

If you’re interested in someone of the opposite sex, to get the best results, you’re going to need to do a little research, right? Hopefully you wouldn’t just approach the object of your desire without knowing a bit more about him/her. (That’s why the movie “Fatal Attraction” was made.)

Same with your target market. You need to dig a little bit in order to get the best results.

For starters, you must know the education level of your target market to reach them effectively. Here’s the deal…in general, even educated people don’t mind reading simple words. Simple means clear. But there’s a fine line between talking down to your target market and using simple language.

  • Instead of ‘at this point in time’ write ‘now.’
  • Instead of ‘subsequent to’ write ‘after.’
  • Instead of ‘on the grounds that’ write ‘because.’
  • Instead of ‘in spite of the fact that’ write ‘although.’
  • Instead of ‘whether or not’ write ‘whether.’
  • Instead of ‘make inquiry regarding’ write ‘inquire.’

You get the idea. (Lawyers may not appreciate copywriting but your prospects will.) So anytime you can ‘dumb down’ or simplify the language, by all means do it. You’re not insulting your reader at all.

For the most part, Americans read between the 11th and 12th grade levels. Did you know that best-selling books are written for the 8th to 10th grade level? “Reader’s Digest” aims for the 10th grade level, while “Time” and “The Wall Street Journal” reach for the 11th. So remember to KISS it…Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

Remember, you won’t make everybody happy unless you write boring, milquetoast copy that’s easy to ignore. The first recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, Herbert Bayard Swope wrote, “I can’t give you a surefire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.” Be BOLD!!

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy is a pioneer in the world of copywriting when it comes to selling to women and conscious entrepreneurs. Her background as a journalist and an actress prepared her for the level of wordsmithing and psychology necessary to build her decade-plus long career. Her list of clients reads like a Hall of Fame list of marketers and corporations such as Office Depot, NAWBO, Ladies Who Launch, Ali Brown International, Braveheart Women, Glazer Kennedy, and more. Author, speaker, and creator of “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp,” “The Conscious Copywriting Formula,” and “30 Day Storytelling Challenge” (free on Facebook), Lorrie knows what it takes to build rapport for long-lasting relationships. And more importantly, she knows how to SELL with copy!  


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