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[Red Hot TNT] Periscope: The Number One Trend You Should Jump On Right Now

Happy holidays!

So far I have two parties under my belt this week.

SantaBaby2Saturday was the 3rd Annual Ferrero Holiday Party here at our home. It was probably the best party we’ve ever had. John, who is a master chef, decided this year to just make a few shredded meat items and get the rest at Costco. It was still a lot of work but so much less stressful this year. I was too busy being hostess to take too many pictures. Sorry.

Then last night was the 7th Annual Drenched Party (no boys allowed). We each had to bring a special dish and a plain-wrapped gift.

I made cheesy cornbread, which was tasty, but wow these women could cook! So much good food and wine. In fact, the hostess is the one who introduced me to my favorite Chardonnay, Rombauer – and that’s the only white she served! Pure heaven.

My secret gift was a Volsey selfie-stick, which was very popular. It was nice to see my girlfriends dolled up and out of workout clothes for a change.

One thing I’m going to be using my own Volsey selfie-stick in 2016 is to do more Periscoping! You can read about this interesting new trend in today’s article.

Meanwhile, stay safe and be good to one another.

Happy holidays,






The Stolen Twin

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It’s available on Amazon both as Kindle and on paperback (plus the paperback is available on other book sites including Barnes and Noble). PLUS from Dec 19-23 you can get the Kindle version for 99 cents! Here’s the link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Periscope: The Number One Video Trend You Should Jump On Now

By: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Marketing Strategist

When I first heard about this platform, I giggled.

I really did.

But with one session I literally doubled my Twitter following. And every time I hold a session I add anywhere from 5-10 new followers.

Those are potential new customers, or at the very least new potential fans. So I’m growing my community.

What platform am I talking about?

Periscope. And you don’t even have to have an audience of any type to begin.

Periscope is growing by leaps and bounds. But what the heck IS Periscope?

Think of it as a live TV show you can start up at a moment’s notice on your phone or tablet. It is an AUTHENTIC delivery of you because you are live in the moment so audiences are eating it up.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You have to have to have a Twitter account (since Twitter bought it in February of this year.) I have three – one for Red Hot Copy, one for Ginger Quinn and a personal one.
  2. Next you download the Periscope application on your phone or tablet. (It doesn’t work on a laptop which only adds to the simplicity and portability of Periscope.)
  1. Decide on a simple topic. It can literally be about walking on a campus or narrating your dog’s antics. But for our purposes let’s use it mainly for business tips and conversations.
  1. Touch the screen to type in your enticing, yet brief, broadcast title. (This is where good, attention-grabbing copywriting comes in!) Here are some examples:
    1. 3 Newfangled Ways to Increase Traffic
    2. Taking a Hike Like a Boss
    3. Isn’t This Great? My Own Apartment!
  1. Start “Scoping” and people you’ve never connected with will jump on the call. For real!
  1. Engage them by reminding them who you are. Also ask them to touch the screen to deliver “hearts” which is Periscopes method of “liking” something.
  1. You can also engage them by asking direct questions which they can answer (and you can read) like a live chat.

It’s important to understand that your Periscope broadcast will only be available for 24 hours. If you want it to live on, you can save it to your phone or tablet. Or register with a site like to have it archived.

There are over 1 million Periscope users right now in all sorts of target markets. When you’re in on the ground floor, you get to be an innovator.

Most people on there right now are new adopters and are also figuring it out. Give it a chance. A lot of social media experts are very hot about the possibilities of what it can be.

Let me know what your Periscope handle is and I’ll follow you. The accounts I use to Scope are @RedHotCopy & @TheGingerQuinn.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy is a pioneer in the world of copywriting when it comes to selling to women and conscious entrepreneurs. Her background as a journalist and an actress prepared her for the level of wordsmithing and psychology necessary to build her decade-plus long career. Her list of clients reads like a Hall of Fame list of marketers and corporations such as Office Depot, NAWBO, Ladies Who Launch, Ali Brown International, Braveheart Women, Glazer Kennedy, and more. Author, speaker, and creator of “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp,” “The Conscious Copywriting Formula,” and “30 Day Storytelling Challenge” (free on Facebook), Lorrie knows what it takes to build rapport for long-lasting relationships. And more importantly, she knows how to SELL with copy!  


I’m invited to a high-end party in a couple of weeks. It’s basically beautiful women I work out with who have everything. So what do you get for a holiday grab bag gift?

I’m going the selfie stick route! I believe I’ve found the best one on the market and I’ve been going crazy with it for the last few months. Makes a great gift.

I researched them and seriously you’d be surprised at how many could literally damage your phone or fail completely. The Volsey stick is super sturdy, durable and portable. If you don’t have one yet, don’t risk getting one that doesn’t work well. I love this selfie stick!

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