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[Red Hot TNT] Building Your Social Community with these 7 Strategies

Hey there,

halloween 2012Halloween happens next week here in the U.S. It’s fun to get dressed up sometimes. This year I’ve dusted off my genie garb. (There’s a theory that Halloween is the only day of the year women can dress “slutty” and be lauded for it. Lol)

We’ll have company from Australia where they don’t widely celebrate Halloween. So what are John and I going to do? Take them to the craziest, busiest, most creative gathering in all of Los Angeles…West Hollywood!

If you’ve ever been to Mardi Gras or a Super Bowl game, that’s about the amount of humanity we’ll be sharing the street with.

Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures.

Now on to business…

I firmly believe LIVE EVENTS are the number one hottest & fastest way to build your business. And if you haven’t registered yet for Armand Morin’s newest marketing event in Phoenix called Learn University jump over there right now. It’s uber affordable. Plus he has a buy one ticket, get one free offer up now. I’m not sure how long it will be there but it’s up now so head over.

I’ll be there and we can hang out!

Meanwhile let’s also talk about social media. That’s what today’s article is all about.

But be clear on this, my friend…social media is no substitute for face-to-face contact. You should be doing that in ADDITION to meeting people at live events.

Crossing my fingers I’ll get to see you in Phoenix!






Armand Morin’s “Learn University

I don’t go to as many events as I used to even though that’s the main way I grew my business. Nowadays I’m super picky about where I spend my time. But I know when there’s a not-to-be-missed event and that is Armand Morin’s “Learn University” taking place in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m going and you should consider it too. “Learn University” is the next evolution of continuing education. Plus, it’s an unbelievable place to network as well. See you there?

Building Your Social Community with these 7 Strategies

By: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Marketing Strategist

According to “The Female Brain,” by Louann Brizendine, M.D., women crave face time with friends because connecting through conversation activates the pleasure centers in our brains and triggers a dopamine and oxytocin rush; it’s not unlike our neurological reaction to sex.

Making your own connections is more powerful than you can imagine. I’m online friends with Zappo’s CEO because I love their shoes and their generous return policy. But I feel incredibly good when I get the attention of the creator of one of my favorite sites.

Are you ready to invite friends to your social networking site? Facebook makes it very easy to invite friends from your email list by importing your emails or instant messaging groups under the “friends” tab. Facebook will also search your past schools to find friends for you. (TIP: In the top right hand corner under settings, do not click added privacy. You want people to find you.) Other strategies to find friends:

  1. Upload pictures. If you have pictures of people with Facebook profiles, tag them by hovering over their face and typing their name. They will be notified and your action will go into what’s called the ‘Feed.” That’s where all your friends will write comments and messages on their walls or on someone else’s.
  2. Don’t be pushy or ask for something as a first contact. This isn’t like traditional hardcore marketing. Start off by offering a tip about something they’re interested in. You may have to do a little homework to learn more about them.
  3. Make your list of 5 people you want in your inner circle for whatever Reach out to those people once a week by emailing them or writing on their wall. Just offer some resources you’ve found they might enjoy or compliment them on something you like about what they do. Don’t ask for anything in return.
  4. Check out the list of friends who are friends with people of influence. Request to be their friend. Be sure to include a brief note in your request.
  5. Write an article about your business and post it in the “Notes” section. Include other names of friends or people you want as friends. Tag them.
  6. Do a search for a “group” that has the same interests as you and join. Be sure to visit every week or two and write a comment on the wall.
  7. Create a call to action on your profile that sends visitors back to your website for something tempting (e.g. FREE) like MP3, special report, etc.

Who dreamed a decade ago that the perfect work environment would be freedom to work wherever and whenever you want, as long as you get the job done. I feel good when I realize that my audience is the global entrepreneur solving interesting problems for their customers. They are innovative, enlightened, and at the end of the day passionate about their future. They’ve earned my highest level of respect.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy is a pioneer in the world of copywriting when it comes to selling to women and conscious entrepreneurs. Her background as a journalist and an actress prepared her for the level of wordsmithing and psychology necessary to build her decade-plus long career. Her list of clients reads like a Hall of Fame list of marketers and corporations such as Office Depot, NAWBO, Ladies Who Launch, Ali Brown International, Braveheart Women, Glazer Kennedy, and more. Author, speaker, and creator of “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp,” “The Conscious Copywriting Formula,” and “30 Day Storytelling Challenge” (free on Facebook), Lorrie knows what it takes to build rapport for long-lasting relationships. And more importantly, she knows how to SELL with copy!  


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