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Playing To Your Full Potential

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Well it’s the week of love at my house. (Who am I kidding…EVERY WEEK is love at my house!!) No, we’re still not moved into the dream home in Chatsworth yet, but my rock star husband always knows how to make me feel special.

lovebirdsBecause I’ve been in the middle of writing copy for The Art of Love Relationship Series, I haven’t been able to help get things shipshape at the new house, which has been frustrating. BUT, my dearest, darlingest, most treasured husband has taken the pressure & guilt off of me so I can do a stellar job for my clients.

In fact, I’d like to invite you to check this NO COST Art of Love series out for yourself. You can see what I’ve been up to for the past few months! Now that the series has officially started I plan to spend more time at the Chatsworth house. We should be able to move in NEXT WEEK! Yay!

Please enjoy today’s guest article, Playing To Your Full Potential, by Rodolfo Young.

And remember that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Do something loving for that special someone!




P.S. By the way I just learned I’ll be speaking at the Action Seminar in San Diego March 22-24. This event happens to be one of the few I wholeheartedly recommend. Why? Because it’s packed with super smart go-getters who are actually getting stuff done.

Hope to see you there!

Playing To Your Full Potential

Guest Author: Rodolfo Young

Discover the subtle shifts you can make now that will allow you to begin Playing to Your Full Potential

ReachingFullPotentialThere is a box, that although it imprisons us, it is also a source of comfort.  We know where the walls are, we know where the floor is, and we know we can reach up and feel the ceiling.  There is a comfort in that knowing.  We feel safe within those walls of knowledge, whether they are painted with images of joy or of hardship.

Few of us choose to venture into the unknown that lies outside those padded barriers, for it takes a curiosity that can prevail past the fear of the unfamiliar.

To truly step out into that abyss is more than walking the edge. It requires a jump stemming not just from courage, but from an insatiable drive to grow, learn, and explore new experiences…and the willingness to let go.

To jump from the cliff’s edge is easy…it is learning to fall with grace and land softly that takes skill.  Moving past the survival instinct is part of this leap, but not by ignoring your basic needs.  Rather, it is acknowledging where you are abundant in your needs, and from that foundation of fullness taking a journey to discover uncharted potential and expression.

Ok, so that all sounds great…so why am I still hiding and playing small? 

Playing small means not meeting your own known potential.  Most people can acknowledge at some level that they are living and accomplishing less than what they really could.

This does not mean they are sitting around lazily watching television and doing nothing (although there are many like that).  It means that the service you can give the world by living your passion is unfulfilled because you are busy proving your worth, trying to survive, or chasing the passions of others.

Playing to your potential is about living in Inspiration, rather than seeking to inspire.  It is a commitment to more than just your goals; rather it is the integrity with which you accomplish those goals.  And most of all, it is doing what you are absolutely passionate about doing, and trusting you are supported to do so.

Too often, you spend time concerned with the ground you are jumping from, and not being focused on the shining stars you are soaring to.  When you look down all the time, instead of up, it’s no wonder you fear falling, and forget the intention is to fly.

Your gaze is either an anchor or a catapult; it just depends on which way you direct it.

There may have been a time in your life when your focus was fearlessly on the horizon, knowing you were an unstoppable Being of passion and inspiration.  It was during that time that you truly were living from a place that was limited by no story, no thought, and no fear.  You were simply expressing the truth of your being.

And in one gesture of cosmic sweeping, it might have been washed away.  At the time, you probably believed you had lost everything you had built and created from a place so vulnerable and passionate within you…and that loss caused you to close, to protect, and to hide inside this box of comfort.

Yet, what if you lost nothing?  What if what really happened is that you moved up the ladder into a whole new level of being, and in so doing, you went from being a Big Fish in a small fish bowl, to being that same fish in a much larger fish bowl?

Could it be that you are still playing Big, and that the world around you and the space into which to play has simply become larger?  You are invited to grow unrestricted by walls, conditions, and limitations.

Might you let go the belief that you must rebuild your past accomplishments? They were never lost.  Your box did not collapse, but rather it has become a building block – the very foundation that will allow you to step into a new magnificent space of exploration.  Are you ready?  No longer is it fear that cripples you…for fear was based in what you believed was lost, and might be lost again.  Instead, it is curiosity and passion that now lifts you.

It’s time to grow…to play Big in this new playground of Life!

Like a sprout that breaks free of the soil and with curiosity reaches upward into the sky, it does not require effort to grow…it simply requires the willingness to let go.

So, let go and be curious!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rodolfo is an author, speaker, and Vision Coach helping people find their purpose, passion, and service for the world while wrapping a sustainable and abundant business around what inspires them. Now based in Bali, Indonesia, he spends his time writing, drinking coconuts, giving heartfelt hugs and developing online platforms for community and inspiration.

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