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10 Soulful Social Media Tips

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I have to tell you this year has gotten off to an amazing start. First of all, John and I bought our dream home in Chatsworth, California. It’s bigger than we need but we love to entertain so, oh well. 

One of the first things John did was to demolish the kitchen and the living room to open the flow and get more light in there. It’s going to be incredible but there are a lot of little things to take care of before we actually move in the next two weeks.

I’ll keep you posted on Facebook as well if you want to keep up. Follow Me Here.

Fortunately I’m a member of an exclusive mastermind group with some of the smartest movers and shakers in marketing I’ve ever met. Because I anticipate a lot of work on the new house, many of them agreed to share guest articles with you on Copywriting TNT. Just wait until you read what we have lined up for you. They are definitely raising the information-sharing bar!

Let me know what you think. (And don’t worry, I’ll be writing again very soon!)




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10 Soulful Social Media Tips To Boost Your Brand

Guest Author, Sarah Prout

sarah-proutThe new age of social media has changed the way we do business. What this means for people that have an online presence is that it is now easier than ever to build influence and rock the online world with your own personal business style. The key is to express yourself and note that the only way to build trust with your potential clients is to allow them to get to know you a little better.

It doesn’t matter whether you are tweeting for your small business or large corporation – the goal is the same. It’s all about connection, authenticity and creative engagement.

1. BE AUTHENTIC – take a genuine interest in other people. Let your personality shine and share, connect and get excited about the things that you love and that excite you.

2. MAKE SURE YOUR BRANDING IS CONSISTENT – ensure your branding is carried over all of your platforms such as your Twitter background and your Facebook page. Trust is built with consistency.

3. MAKE AN EFFORT TO CONNECT – don’t be shy. Jump into the conversation and talk to people. You never know who you will meet!

4. THINK ABOUT QUALITY AND NOT QUANTITY – if you’re automating your time on Twitter use keywords to find the right people to follow. Don’t just follow people at random in the hope they will follow you back. Set the intention to attract the right people that are in alignment with your business vision.

5. SUPPORT THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS – Allow yourself to feel truly happy when someone else achieves something great. It’s an awesome quality to celebrate the success of others because it generates a great sense of community spirit. It also cultivates the energy of attracting and drawing success to yourself.

6. SHARING IS CARING – Share the content of others. Every blog post that you see will probably have a little share icon. Take the time to proliferate the great content that others are producing and hopefully people will reciprocate your kindness.

7. REMEMBER THE POWER OF BLOGGING – The best thing to do is build momentum with your blog posts. The more you produce means the more you will propagate a keen audience that will become regular fans of the articles you produce.

8. AVOID OVERKILL AND EMBARRASSING FAUX PAS – Don’t share the same links more than a couple of times. It’s spammy and people switch off when they sense you are trying promote yourself a little bit too much. Also remember to think before you tweet and check your spelling. Business people will make an assessment about your business skills based on your professionalism. Poor grammar = a huge danger to be labeled unprofessional.

9. DON’T STALK PEOPLE – THEY DON’T LIKE IT – Please don’t hassle people you think can help to promote your business for free. And also, try not to repeatedly contact people if they are not responding to you. Don’t take it personally, some people are just genuinely busy and wish you all the luck in the world.

10. HAVE FUN – spend time looking at things to discuss with people. The world of online business is a wonderland of possibilities and opportunities.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sarah Prout is the co-founder of Älska Publishing and the Adventures In Manifesting  series. She is also an award-winning entrepreneur. Her bestselling book The Power of Influence (Wiley, 2010) has been sold internationally and translated for European distribution. Sarah’s love for metaphysics, design and business empowerment shines through in her writing and teachings. Since 2006, Sarah has built an impressive international media and client portfolio inspiring people to create their own reality. Sarah reaches over 55,000 followers in over 24 countries around the globe with heartfelt, vibrant and empowering advice about love, business and style. For more information please visit:

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