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Men, Women, Courtship… And The Dance

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Back in 1999 I didn’t know how important copywriting is to every business on the planet but I soon learned. I just put my best thinking into becoming the best copywriter I could be by studying with the best. As my copywriting skills evolved creating copy that speaks to the women’s market was crystal clear.

When I asked if there was one thing that I could do that would make me a better copywriting professional, the copywriting gurus answer was “Read history, read history, read history.” And so I became well-read, taking workshops and classes from copywriting icons and in short absorbing everything copywriting.

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Male, Female, Courtship And… The Dance!

by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Expert Copywriting Strategist

OK, I have a little confession. Although I’m a woman, I wasn’t always known as an expert in marketing to women like I am today. In my early days I stumbled a time or two on the differences between men and women, and how they respond differently to communication. I quickly realized when you miss these differences; it can be painful and costly.

As a copywriter and business owner I rely on sending the right message to the right market. I’m sure you’re probably no different. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than wasting hours, even days, creating the perfect sales letter only to discover that you’re targeting the wrong people or communicating in a way that will alienate them or prevent them from taking action.

You have to start any communication by understanding the true essence of who you are speaking to.

And the truth is marketing segments have dramatically changed over the past century. Today, women hold about 80% of the economic buying power. It spans across all brands, products and services. (Sorry guys, I’m just stating the facts.)

Women, now more than ever have the final say in purchases ranging from cars to houses, home repair items, gifts, financial services and so on.

Interesting eh?

So let’s take a quick peek at how things have changed so dramatically since even as recently as 8 years ago, and what you need to do right to ensure you’re getting the highest return on your marketing efforts.

Allow me to share some statistics with you:

  • American women today spend about $5 trillion annually…
  • Women represent 50% of Internet users and buy more online than men…
  • Even though many households are often dual paycheck, women still spend 80% of both combined incomes…
  • More education – women take home 57% of college degrees, giving them more earning power…
  • And 70% of all new businesses today are opened by women…

The list goes on… So what does all this mean?

Well, it simply means if you are selling a product or marketing a business, a large majority of the time you’re communicating with a woman, and using the old-fashioned marketing techniques simply won’t cut it anymore. They know they hold the purse strings, and they stubbornly refuse to respond to the hype that used to be a slam dunk for sales in the past.

Men and women are just wired differently…

Trust and authenticity are not just good ideas but critical to women in particular. I’d like to give you an easy reference that’s going to help you in all your marketing decisions when it comes to reaching either the male or female market.

It comes down to how both genders are hard-wired to make not just purchasing decisions, but ALL decisions.

Psychology Today says, “We inhabit our high-tech world with Stone Age minds because there has not been enough time to change our psychology to match our environment.”

In other words we’re just cave people driving around in fast cars and talking on cell phones.

So true, now let’s look at why…

Biological Drives


  • Fight competition for tribe status and survival
  • Provide food and shelter to mate(s)
  • Win choice of mate(s)
  • Pass on genetics


  • Create community for support and security
  • Survive by being taken care of by stronger provider
  • Get along with everyone
  • Bond with other females
  • Raise healthy offspring

Biological Wiring


  • Single-focused
  • Competitive
  • Needs approval


  • Community-focused
  • Non-competitive
  • Needs acceptance

Another thing you should keep in mind when you’re marketing to women is we make decisions very differently than men because our brain circuitry is very different. Both genders have the same number of brain cells by the way…they’re just set up differently.


  • Use only one side of the brain at a time
  • Have 2½ times more brain space devoted to s-x than women
  • Have larger primitive areas of the brain that trigger fear and aggression


  • Use both lobes of the brain
  • Spend more time picturing things in their minds before making a decision
  • Have 11% more neurons for language and hearing
  • Have a larger hub for language and emotions.

Not to be offensive, but women’s brains are like pinball machines — all over the place — and men’s brains are like Pong– single focused.

Understanding biology is the key factor to your success in marketing.

See, that wasn’t so scary after all. Just be sure you know if you’re speaking to a man or woman when you prepare to deliver your marketing message.

Listen, it’s pretty simple really — women respond quicker to any form of communication if you’ve taken the time to understand what’s important to them at their core.

We like to be able to visualize how it benefits our community, so tell us a story we can emotionally relate to and justify with our belief system.

Once you take these basic steps your success rate will almost correct itself!



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